Trivia Recap – Aug. 20, 2017 – Oscar’s Sports and Grille (Saline)

Those of you who know me, know I’m just a tad obsessed with movie quotes. And “Airplane!” quotes. And “Simpsons” quotes. And “Family Guy” quotes. And “Monty Python” quotes. The list goes on, but let’s stay focused on movies! One movie quote that I was recently fascinated with was, “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” I was watching a movie with my husband where a character said that, and my ears perked up. I said, “You ever notice that when someone says that in a movie, shit’s about to get real?” Another tried-and-true quote with the same effect is, “We can either do this the easy way – or the hard way.” Which is another “tell” that shit’s about to get real! When it comes to trivia? We like the latter portion of that quote! We’ll take it “the hard way,” please! We decided to switch trivia nights this season, and played the Sporcle Live season “opener” at Oscar’s Sports & Grill Saturday in Saline, a place we’d already visited about a dozen times or so since it began offering trivia in the fall of 2016. The first night we decided to check this place out last year, it was a full house – with Chicago Cubs fans ogling the World Series on TV. Which I guess was a big sporting to-do or something? 🙂 After a series of substitute and semi-permanent hosts, Sporcle Live with Liz wound up taking over as the permanent host here. Saturdays usually draw a mixed bag, with some trivia regulars, and some “visiting” teams who don’t play there regularly, with your standard barflies not playing trivia also in the house. We decided to give this trivia spot a try this season because of a couple of things – one, we only want to do one weeknight trivia game a week, which we already do on Wednesdays. And two, we wanted to pick a place where just 1-2 of our players could have a shot at winning prizes – and if things go well, possibly win a league championship spot, too! Icing on the cake? We will (hopefully) have some good competition, too! After all, what fun is trivia if it doesn’t make you “sweat” a little? Figuratively, of course! If you’re working up a sweat handing in answer slips, you should probably see a doctor or something! 🙂 All that said, we’ve always liked having good teams to beat – and the more fire in the belly, the better! Game on! As for the game, we finished in second for the night with just 99 points, won a $15/first place gift card in game two -on a final question that EVERY SINGLE TEAM MISSED – and wagered 20 points! I can’t remember the last time I saw anything like this in a Sporcle game! We were gun shy on wagering 20 points on the final in game one, but had we done so, we would’ve won first in both games – and first for the night! Hindsight is 20/20, right? And the questions, some of which will be very abridged…
Game One
1. Biographies – The biography “Shaken, Not Stirred” is about what Scottish actor? 10
2. World Geography – After Canada and Mexico, what country is closest in proximity to the United States, excluding territories? We picked a nation that is PRETTY close…but not as close as the correct nation. Miss for 5.
3. SCIENCE! – What does the letter “C” stand for in the equation E=MC2?” 9
4. Movie Pairs – Name one of the two films featuring Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams where they appear as a couple. Name both of them for an extra bonus point. Knew one, but not both…8
5. Sporting Events – Beginning in 1875, what race is considered the oldest continually held sporting event in the United States? Cautious guess for 3.
6. Lead Singers – John Corabi replaced Vince Neill as the lead singer of what heavy metal band in 1992? 7
7. Proverbs – What two words follow the phrase “Still waters (blank)? 6
8. Presidents – In the 1800s, who became the first U.S. president to become impeached? 4
9. Netflix – Actor Charlie Cox plays what title comic book character in a Netflix series that debuted in 2015? We had kind of a loud team sitting behind us, and the way I heard the question was that the comic book debuted in 2015. Not that clearing up that confusion would have helped us get it correct! Every team missed this one…miss for 1.
10. Banking – What is the eight-letter name given to high-risk loans given out by lenders before the mortgage crisis? We agonized a bit over this one…”Didn’t we just watch that (Christian Bale) movie about that?” And just Mike and I bantering a bit about what word it “could” be was enough for the right answer to become dislodged from my brain, woot! Got this for 2.
Mystery – Name the TV occupations based on the following TV characters.
1. Alan Harper, Two-and-A-Half Men
2. Phillip Banks, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
3. Phillip Dundee, Modern Family
4. Mike Brady, Brady Bunch
Eked out a lucky guess for #3, our only miss was #1 (made wrong guess on that one…Jeebus…am I really supposed to watch that show? Are there Cliff’s notes?). I think I may have accidentally seen some portions of that show before. Just not my thing, I’m afraid…
Scores: Nine teams, scores 23 to 64, with Whitmore Lake WIzards in first. We were tied for second with More Beer Less Pants with 58 points,
Final Category – Landmarks
This is a category that has burned us more times than I can count. So we split the difference and wagered 10 on it.
Located on the Columbia River, what dam is the largest hydroelectric power producing facility in the United States, and has a reservoir called Franklin Delano Roosevelt Lake, named after FDR, who presided over the authorization and completion of the dam?
And of course we knew it… (beats head against the bar figuratively).
Final Standings: One is the Loneliest Number, ??? (did not write down their points), and MBLP, 78. Grrr…would have LOVED to do a tiebreaker for first instead! Next time, (shakes fist)! 🤓
Game Two
1. Vampires (Not gonna lie, we were both really excited when we heard this was going to be a category) – Which of the following actors has never played a vampire? Keanu Reeves, Ethan Hawke, Antonio Banderas or Johnny Depp? Immediately eliminated two of these, and made right guess between the other two for only four points. Photo tie-in is from a movie featuring one of these actors, along with Eva Green, who plays a former love interest in the movie who resorts to witchcraft to keep herself young, among other vile, vile things… This movie has one of the best PG-13 sex scenes you’ll ever see! And what’s not to like about Eva Green? Speaks French fluently, Bond girl, was in “Sin City 2: Electric Boogaloo (JK about that last part).” I like her better as a brunette, but she works just fine as a blonde in this movie.
2. Flags – Name one of the two colors making up the flag of Bangladesh. Name both for an extra “nerd” bonus. Got both parts for 5 plus the bonus.
3. Medical History – Often called “The Father of Immunology” Edward Jenner is best known for discovering the vaccine for what disease? 6
4. Hall of Fame – In 2004, what quarterback became the first inducted in the Hall of Fame as a member of the Denver Broncos? Yay South Park for helping me get this one (but for only 2 points).
5. Laws – Abbreviated IP, what branch of law involves copyright patents and trademark law? Ouch, we didn’t feel very “intellectual” after missing this one for SEVEN…
6. Fictional Products – Alamo Beer is featured on what animated TV series? FB clue, 10
7. Audio – Audio clue of children’s TV show debuting in 2011, miss for 1.
8. Toothpaste – What brand of toothpaste has used the slogans “Take the feeling of fresh to the extreme” and “Three-in-one protection?” A bit of debate, but got this for 9.
9. Same Title – What is the title shared by the 2014 war drama directed by Angelina Jolie and a 2011 Demi Lovato album? All teams missed this one…This question was a replacement for a Hunger Games question for which someone blurted out the answer, This was the second time this happened during the night – our audio clue also had to be changed for this reason. Ah, Saturday night trivia is not for the meek!
10, Festivals – In what month was the first Woodstock Music Festival held in NY? 8
Mystery – Missed #2.
Scores: Seven teams, scores ??? (did not hear the low score) to 51, with us in first playing under the name Bastard Squid. Which should have been Bastard Squad. Darn my crappy writing! Send me back to penmanship class! Sigh…
Final Category – Celebrity Products
In 2014, what celebrity launched a men’s clothing line called “My Addiction,” complete with images of herself on some pieces?
I wrote down four potential people this could possibly be, including one which would have been correct. And she was at the top of my list. Meh, I felt the woman formerly known as “Ballerina Girl” just seemed to make more sense because of her heroin addiction…but really – there are SO many Hollywood addicts to choose from! And the person I did write down also has a fashion line (pffft…who DOESN’T have a fashion line these days, right?)! Alas, no teams got this, and all wagered full points…so we finished in first with 31 points, and (I think) Whitmore Lake WIzards finished in second with 30 points. Yes, strange things were afoot with this game! Until next time, which will be Wednesday for our MTL game at Wurst. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy…Angelique from “Dark Shadows.” Dang, now I want to watch this movie! 🧛‍♀️🐙

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