Trivia Recap – June 29, 2017 – Wurst Bar

On our trivia team, we have our little trivia “mantras” that we try to follow when we have to answer questions. Like, “It’s always earlier than you think” when it involves questions about when something was first made available to the public, invented, etc. And another is, “Everything’s bigger in Texas.” Just a little subtle reminder to not forget about the “Lone Star” state when it comes to trivia questions about American cities! Turns out that little mantra helped us get a precious two points in a tough halftime round in our My Trivia Live game Wednesday at The Wurst Bar. It turned out to be a tough round all around, with the top score being four points (out of a possible 10 points). The question had to do with the most populous U.S. cities, per the 2010 U.S. Census, beginning with the letters B, S, T and M. Because of our “mantra,” we managed to come up with the correct one for the letter “S.” We’ll conquer you yet, Texas! Overall, we finished with 63 points, got a first-place/$30 gift card. The second half of the game went very well, with zero question misses – up until that final question, that is! Read on to see what other questions left us shrugging…
Round One
1. Alphabet – What popular sport’s name appears in the NATO phonetic alphabet?
2. Candy – What animal’s image appears on the packaging for Ghirardelli chocolates? Big nope…
3. Cartoons – What color are Spongebob Squarepants’ pants? Yay I got this one…kind of had to fight for it a bit!
Round Two
1. Music – The lyrics, “You look like an angel/Walk like an angel/
Talk like an angel” appear in what song by Elvis Presley? John was all over this…
2. TV – Kaley Cuoco played the oldest daughter in what TV series that aired from 2002 to 2005? Nope.
3. Literature – How many thieves appear in the story title “Ali Baba?” For an extra three-point bonus, what Sir Walter Scott novel has the subtitle, “A Romance?” Did not attempt the bonus…
Round Three
1. What word comes from the Greek and means “to take part in a contest?”
2. Movies – What 1978 movie chronicles college student Billy Hayes getting thrown into a Turkish prison? Brad was in the bathroom when this question was first asked, and I said, “Brad usually doesn’t know the movie answers.” So what you do think happened when Brad came back from the bathroom? Yup, he knew this…and this movie was asked about in a semifinal game not too long ago…
3. Anatomy – What is the common name for the zygomatic bone? And Brad steps in for this one, too…is he gunning for game MVP?
Halftime – Name the U.S cities starting with the following letters, that, according to the 2010 U.S. Census, are the most populous cities in the U.S. beginning with those letters – B, T, S, and M.
We only got “S” correct.
Scores – Eight teams, scores 8 to 27, with us and team Dirty in first. Team Pants was in fifth with 16 points.
Round Four
1. Countries – What country is the world’s largest producer of cork? Newsletter clue…
2. TV Actors- What actor played a gambler on a 1950s TV series and a detective (as a title character) on a 1970s TV series? Brad and I teamed up here…
3. Tennis – Who was the doubles partner of Pam Shriver, winning 79 women’s doubles titles, including 21 Grand Slam events? Brad again for the points…
Round Five
Round five always begins with a “you pick” category, where the the bar patrons get to choose, by a “voice vote,” one of three potential question categories. Our choices this time were advertising, literature, or artists. This time, the most “noise” was generated for advertising, even though that was not the category anyone on our team wanted. And ironically enough, some of the teams clamoring the loudest for this category also seemed like they would be way too young to know the answer to the question…
1. Advertising – What was the name of the manicurist in the 1970s commercials for Palmolive dish soap? Yay me for remembering old people boob tube stuff! Woot?
2. Wars – The Battle of Trafalgar was a naval battle fought between France and what other country?
3. Animals – What marsupial is rodent-like with powerful claws used for burrowing and hunting? And Stacy played a very relevant song request for me later on, a song that actually mentions this animal by name! “And when the (blank) comes…he will find me gone…he’ll look for a place to sit.” Yes, she played “On Any Other Day” by The Police.
Round Six
1. Fruits – What type of fruit is a Texas red ruby?
2. Islands- The Malaku Islands were known to the Europeans by what name in the 16th century because of what specific thing growing there?
3. Music – James Brown won a Grammy Award for best R&B song for what song, what was used in the movie Rocky IV? Yay me…(usually the team doesn’t need my help much for the questions…they really don’t). But it’s exciting when I know answers that they don’t know!
And a perfect second half….
Scores – Top five scores 35 to 63, with us in the top spot by ourselves. Team Pants was in second with 48 points.
Final Category – Sugar
What country is the world’s largest producer of sugar cane, producing 22 percent of the world’s sugar? We had two possible answers written down, one of which wound up being correct. Can you guess which one we picked? Of course you can! But we wagered zero on this…
Final scores: Voodoo, 30; Dutch, 46 and ‘Pods, 63. Until next time, which will be tonight. Team GDX will be in da house! Go Pods, and stay classy, you Turkish prison guards!

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