Trivia Recap – June 28, 2017 – Johnny’s Grill

A couple of us wanted to squeeze in one last game for the Sporcle Liveregular season at Johnny’s Grill Tuesday. One, we wanted to play our seventh game, which will qualify us for the venue tournament July 25. Even though with the Fourth of July being next week, that shortens the season down to 12 weeks, which means by playing six games we’ve already qualified. But, we also heard rumors that at least one player from More Beer Less Pants would be missing this game. So we figured as a personal favor, we’d sit in on this game and make sure he could see what questions were asked in his absence! Turns out everyone on this team decided to play hooky from this game, just like our brains did on a few of these questions (cough)! What made us think the movie Munich was set in…oh never mind….We didn’t exactly trip the light fantastic in terms of our performance – silly wagering stymied us in game one, as well as failing a final question about musicals (which was pretty rough unless you can claim to be an expert in this genre). We did a bit better in game two, finished in first at the end of the regular round, and held onto our lead by nailing a final question about one of our favorite topics – Africa! You know, that continent that my mom always described as looking like an ice cream cone with the ice cream falling off? Yes, that one…And let’s move on to those questions, shall we?
Game One
1. Movie Quotes – In what classic film does Humphrey Bogart’s character deliver the lines, “We’ll always have Paris” and “Here’s looking at you, kid?” Easy 10 points…
2. Words from French – What word refers to a random colleciton of miscellaneous or diverse items and comes from the French for “rotten pot?” Yup.
3. Sports Awards – The Fred Biletnikoff award is given to a college football player who is a standout in what position? We actually considered the right position, but wrote down something else…miss for 1. Is this one you would know, Brad?
4. Mythology – In Greek mythology, Jason and the Argonauts were on a quest for what golden object? Yup.
5. Toys – What learning toy made by Texas Instruments had a voice synthesizer and keyboard and was notable for its use in the film “E.T. – The Extra Terrestrial?” Mike remembered having one of these as a kid and getting it to sound like it was laughing by typing “E” and “O” in the right sequence. He said he never tried getting this thing to say dirty words, though. Not sure I believe him!
6. Explorers – Before this question was asked, I told Mike, “Never, ever go with my answers on explorers questions. They will always be wrong. I always think it’s Magellan when it’s not.” And the question – What explorer is credited with naming the Pacific Ocean? And for an extra “nerd” bonus point, what country was this explorer born in? And guess what we did here and guess what was the correct answer?
7. Government Agencies – What does FHA stand for when referring to the government agency? Got the last two letters right, flubbed the first one. Boo! Miss for 5.
8. TV Shows – Zachary Quinto, Connie Britton, Dylan McDermott and Jessica Lange all appeared in what FX series?
9. Resignations – Pope Benedict, the 256th pope in history, resigned in 2013. What number came after his name? Nope…
10. Festivals – What set of film, music and interactive media showings has taken place annually in Austin, TX since 1987? Never, ever heard of this…miss.
Mystery – Before and After
1. A 2012 James Bond film and band who performed the 2005 song “Sugar, We’re Going Down.”
2. “Cleopatra” actress and actress who plays Piper on “Orange is the New Black.”
3. Point guard for the Oklahoma City Thunder and actress who plays the title role on the series “Suddenly Susan.”
4. Drag queen reality TV show star and patriot who was famous for his “midnight ride.”
Missed #3.
Scores- Bulldogs, 24; Rink Rats, 28; And Then There was Fun, 45; Old Folks Rule, 48; Two Tentacles to Paradise (aka ‘Pods), 49; Hoops and Teddy’s Team, 55 Slick Rock Rumble, 61; Hot Messies and You’re Killing Me, Smalls; tied for 63. And I am not totally sure if these scores are correct, because there were score discrepancies, and I don’t know if I wrote down all of the correct ones.
Final Category – Musicals
We wagered on this because we were so far behind we wanted to give it a shot. And because the category didn’t scare us TOO badly…
Partridge Family actress Shirley Jones’s first two movies were based on Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals. Name those films, which were released in 1955 and 1956, respectively.
Managed to get one of these correct…
Game winners: Old Folks Rule, 65 (won a tiebreaker for second with And Then There was Fun), and Teddy’s Team, 75.
Game Two
1. U.S. Geography – Name one of the two U.S. states with the lowest points of elevation. Name both for an extra “nerd” bonus point. Got both for 10.
2. The Olympics – The 2005 film “Munich” is about the murders of Israeli athletes during what Olympic year? Total brain fart, knew this fact once, but the darn thing escaped the brain. Probably replaced with another useless fact, lol!
3. Astronomy – What is the term for the point in the sky that is directly above the observer – that shares a name with an electronics company?
4. Mail Order – Named after the Nebraska city in which it was founded in 1917, what is the name of the mail order company specializing in gourmet mail-order meats and other foods?
5. TV Characters – Among the six main characters on “Friends,” whose last name comes last alphabetically? There is a league team that plays under this character’s name at The Wurst Bar in our My Trivia Live games Wednesdays. Thankfully this name was correct, we could really only think of a couple of these character’s last names…got this for just 2 points.
6. Board Games – In the board game “Settlers of Catan, each player rolls a pair of dice during their turn. What specific die roll causes the robber to appear? Mike and I have both played this game before, so got it…
7. Cover Songs – Audio clue of song with the following lyrics- had to identify either the song’s original artist or the band who covered this song in the early 1990s. “Boys will come along a dime by the dozen/That ain’t nothing but ten cent lovin’/Pretty little thing, let me light your candle…”
8. Liquor – In what country is Skyy vodka distilled? This was the Facebook clue question, and I looked up the Wikipedia article before the game. And I wrote down the answer which would have been correct. But someone…second guessed me. So we missed this for 4.
9. NFL Coaches – What former NFL coach led the Steelers to their first four Super Bowl wins? Nope…
10. Comic Books – What graphic novel debuted as a 12-issue DC comics series and became a movie directed by Zach Snyder in 2009? I waved my nerd flag high for this one…I actually read this graphic novel, and remembered who directed the movie. And love the movie…
Mystery – Got all of these.
Scores: Debbie 23; Teddy’s Team, 28; Bulldogs, 35; Old Folks Rule, 38; Hot Messies, 40; Slick Rock, 45; Hoops, 47; And Then There was Fun, 51; You’re Killing Me Smalls, 53; and Two Tentacles to Paradise (aka ‘Pods), 56.
Final Category – Africa
Name one of the two most populous countries on the continent of Africa.
We were prepared for something a little tougher than this, but nope, not complaining!
Final Scores: Slick Rock, 65; Two Tentacles to Paradise, 74.
Until next time, which will be our regular game tonight at Wurst. Look for our next game recap on Thursday afternoon! As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Ferdinand Magellan! And also Rohrshach!

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