Trivia Recap – May 24, 2017 – Johnny’s Grill

Last week, we managed to win a first place prize by wagering zero on a final question that all the teams missed. This time, we decided to go for it on both final questions – and failed both! It’s all part of our grand plan to suck this seaaon! Yeah, we totally meant to do that! By “that,” we mean, of course, to suck! We’ve particularly sucked at getting final questions correct at Johnny’s Grill in Belleville, where we have been playing Tuesdays. So far we have only gotten one final question correct out of 10! We’ve been doing a little better at the final questions in our Thursday games at Original Gravity Brewing Co., managing to get five out of eight final questions correct – but have won no prize money there yet! What we haven’t sucked at doing is getting regular round questions correct, Tuesday we only missed four regular round questions all night. Do they make sympathy cards for trivia teams that are in a slump? And if so, do they make any with Snoopy on them? No? Well, maybe you can at least share in our misery by reading on to see the questions!
Game One
1. 2000s TV – On what early 2000s Disney series sid Shia LaBoeuf play a character named Lewis?
2. Maps – What is the 11-letter word for the study of and practice of making maps?
3. Duets – Kiki Dee sang the 1976 duet “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” with what singer?
4. Beverages – What is added to espresso to make a cafe Americano? Mmm….cafe Americano (Homer Simpson drool…)
5. Sports Records – what MLP player holds the record for the most career stolen bases? For an extra “nerd” bonus point, what team did he play for when beat the previous record? David managed to get both woot!
6. Muscles – In what part of the body is the soleus muscle located? Arm, leg, back or chest? Miss for 3.
7. Sequels – What is the title of the second film in the Jason Bourne franchise? All of us teamed up on this one with success.
8. States – Name all of the U.S. states that are exactly four letters long.
9. Celebrity Books – What sport is the focus of Bill Murray’s book “A Cinderella Story?”
10. Languages – In American Sign Language, what number is indicated by wriggling the thumb left and right and holding it up? Miss for 1.
Mystery – What’s in the box? All correct answers will contain the letters B, O, and X.
1. It can be injected into the face to reduce wrinkles
2. What a person is standing on when they give a formal impassioned speech
3. One o the most populous cities in Mississippi
4. Nine-letter word for annoying, objectionable, or repulsive
Got them all.
Scores: Dandelions, 8 You’re Killing Me, Smalls 55; Hey, 56 Salt and Pepa, 57; Slick Rock Rumble, 57 And Then There was Fun, 59; I Don’t Give a Fuck, 60; More Beer Less Pants, 61; Izzy and the Peeps, 63, and Whore Island – Where a Kid Can Be a Kid (aka the ‘Pods), 63.
Final Category – Disney Princesses
We decided to wager on this because I’ve actually tried learning all of the Disney Princess names. Though it was helpful here that I did this, it wasn’t helpful enough!
Of the eleven official Disney Princesses, only two have NOT appeared as a character on the TV show Once Upon a Time. Name both of those princesses.
Nope, gave up on that series in season 2. Got one of these, but not both. Slick Rock Rumble managed to get this one correct and get first, Izzy and the Peeps wagered zero and finished second.
Game Two
1. Internet – In 2017, Carter Wilkerson set a record for the most re-tweeted tweet of all time when he made a plea for free food from what restaurant? For an extra “nerd” bonus point, what celebrity previously held this record beginning in 2014? Missed both. Who’s Carter Wilkerson and why should we care that he was begging for food? Ugh…
2. Capitals – Nairobi is the capital of what eastern African country – and also its most populous city?
3. Early Roles -What actor played the character Stefan, a football player trying to get into college, in an early role in 1983? FB clue…
4. Elements – The single letter P is the atomic symbol for what element?
5. Team Names – Oklahoma State University and University of Wyoming both shared what nickname? Mike and Dave both came up with the correct answer. Two sports questions in one night? Woot? 🙂
6. TV Comedy – Audio clue of theme song from a spy-themed TV series from the 1960s
7. Live Albums – In what major city was the 1994 Nirvana Unplugged album recorded?
8. Stores- Which members-only retailed is owned by Wal-Mart?
9. Hot Sauce – what brand of hot sauce comes in several varieties, is packaged in a bottle with a round wooden top, and is named for the oldest still inhabited city in Mexico? Dave all over this one…but we’re not going to get into the colorful commentary about why he knew this one! 🙂
10. Historic Figures – Che Guevara was killed while attempting to lead a revolution in what South American country? Miss for 3. And full disclosure…yes, I “may” be using Guevara’s photo with this recap because I think he was kind of cute. But only maybe! 🙂 Seriously…look at those smoldering eyes…and that beret!
Mystery- Got all of these.
Scores- Salt and Pepa, 28; Dandelions, 45; And Then There was Fun, 48; Hey, 48; Smalls, 53; ‘Pods, 59; Slick Rock Rumble, 60; MBLP, IDGAF and Izzy all tied with 62 for first.
Final Category – U.S. History
In 1889, for the first time in over a hundred years, more than two U.S. states were admitted to the union within the same calendar year. Name one of those states.
Nope, though we considered one of the right states. All part of our plan to suck!
MBLP was in a tiebreaker for first with IDGAF, had to say how old Jimmy Carter was when he became president. MBLP won the tiebreaker. Until next time, which will be our last game of the My Trivia Live season tonight at The Wurst Bar! Which hopefully won’t “suck” too much! We’ve actually had a decent season here, so it’s apparent which league seems to be the stronger one for us. We’ll see if this has any effect on our future trivia plans beyond this season.Our game plan is never etched in stone! As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, groundskeeper guy from “Caddyshack!”

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