Trivia Recap – May 10, 2017 – Johnny’s Grille


Our “Tuesday Trio” of ‘Pods visited Johnny’s Grill for a Sporcle Live trivia show hosted by Live Trivia with Robyn Sporcles. The good news is we didn’t miss any regular round questions in game one, logging a perfect 67 points! Up until that pesky final question for game one, on which we wagered…and lost points. Game two’s final question didn’t show us much more love, either, and the category of “sports awards” scared us into wagering zero. Luckily, none of the other teams got the question right, so we wound up winning $20/first place for game two. Interestingly enough, wagering zero on final questions has been the only way we’ve won any prize money so far this Sporcle Live season! Playing dirty? No, playing to our strengths…and weaknesses (shut your mouths!). When we were barhopping, we tended to be a little more ballsy with our wagering strategies since we weren’t trying to “win” any venues. Now, we’re trying to be more “strategic.” Will it win the “long game?” Too early to say! Special shout out to David, who more than pulled his weight with the answering of some of these tough questions!
Game One
1. Famous Firsts – What aviator won the first Time Magazine “Man of the Year” award in 1927 and to this day remains the youngest winner of that award? An easy 10 points…
2. Advertising – What American food company is known for its grape juices, jams and jellies and has featured the Flintstones in their advertisements? More cautious wager here, but got it.
3. Online News – What politically liberally online news blog was launched on May 9, 2005 as an alternative to the Drudge Report – and is named for the Greek- American founder? Mike all over this before question was finished being read…
4. Animals – What is a name for the older, usually dominant adult male gorilla? Dian Fossey liked hanging out with these…
5. Remakes – Scheduled to air later this month, what made-for-TV movie starring Abigail Breslin is a remake of a 1987 film? This one was potentially a stumper. None of us had heard of any upcoming TV series based on a 1987 film. But, I pointed out a 1987 film that had a female lead, so we got this for low, low points…
6. Fruit – A pluot is a hybrid of what two types of fruit? Yay those silly farming games (Mike still plays Farm Town, he says it’s a stress reliever). Whatever works!
7. Bands- Sharing its name iht a basic PhotoShop tool, what English band had hits in the ’90s with “Girls and Boys” and “There’s No Other Way?” I asked Mike, the graphic artist, to start listing basic PhotoShop tools, and when he wrote down a particular tool, Dave and I remembered it as being the name of a ’90s band, so boom, points! I also remembered that the band’s singer was also associated with another group, and with a movie soundtrack (see the video posted earlier for more about that). And this band’s singer wins the photo tie-in!
8. Authors – What American author created the characters Ichabod Crane and Rip Van Winkle?
9. Baseball – In baseball scoring notation, a strikeout-looking what can be denoted as what single letter backwards? Dave thankfully all over this…
10. Radio – In what decade did “This American Life” debut on NPR? For an extra “nerd” bonus point, who hosts this show? And Dave was all over this one, too.
Mystery – Add ‘Em Up
U.S. States edition
1. # of U.S. states coming before California alphabetically
2. # of U.S. states in the union during World War 2
3. # of U.S states with North, South, West, or East designations
4. # of states that border Mississippi
An amazingly easy “Add ‘Em Up” round…got them all.
Scores – Nine teams, scores 21 to 67, with us, playing under the moniker “Tickled by Tentacles” in first. More Beer Less Pantsn was just one point behind us with 66, and You’re Killing Me, Smalls was in third with 63.
Final Category – Company Names
Founded in 1949, what Japanese company, which produces athletic shoes and other activewear, has a name derived from a Latin phrase meaning “a healthy soul in a healthy body”?
Should’ve gotten this, but didn’t. We even tried latching onto the Latin word for “body,” but nope….
Final scores: Smalls, 83; MBLP, 86. Who wants another beer?
Game Two
1. Folk Tales – In the folk tale “Chicken Little,” what fell on the chicken’s head to make her think that the sky was falling? Dave all over this, with some back-up from Mike…
2. Video Games – What 2015 video game from Scionics (sp?) is described as soccer – but with rocket-powered cars? Miss.
3. Anatomy – What name is given to the two main arteries that carry blood to the head and neck?
4. ’00s Movie – In what film did Jim Carrey play a main character with an alter ego named Hank Evans? God this movie is SO f—ing funny….
5. Bodies of Water – Besides Italy and Greece, name another country that has shores on the Adriatic Sea? Name two countries for an extra “nerd” bonus point. I came up with these right away, which is surprising, since it’s usually a Brad/Mike category…
6. Snowboarding – There are two basic stances in snowboarding – one is regulation, one is what other stance? Dave all over this…
7. Colors – Which rainbow color is closest to the color carmine? I think I was the only one on my team knowing this one, but not sure…
8. Company Founders – What is the last name of Mary Kay, who founded the cosmetics company bearing her name?
9. Wars – What narcotic substance gave its name to wars in China over British trade in the 1800s?
visual mystery – missed #4
Scores: Five teams, scores 40 to 64, with MBLP in first with a perfect regular round score.
Final Category – Sports Awards
Since 1990, two people have won the Sports Illustrated Sportsperson of the Year award twice each as individuals. Name those two people.
We wagered zero, no teams got it…so we won $20 despite idiocy! We’ll take it!
Final scores: The Great Wizard Tim, 57; ‘Pods, 61.
Until next time, which will be tonight at the Wurst Bar for a My Trivia Live game hosted by Stacy. We are in the final stretches of the MTL season and are poised to again get a semifinal spot. We’ll see y’all in the next recap, as always, Go Pods, and stay classy, whomever “really” kidnapped the Lindbergh baby!

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