Trivia Recap – March 20, 2017 – YpsiAlehouse

For the second time this year, the ‘Pods played with a majority female lineup – four women and two men. To be fair, one of the women was a 16-year-old, who for most of the game, was more interested in sitting at a separate table and exchanging texts with her boyfriend than with hanging out with us old fogeys and answering questions! Who can blame her? 🙂She did, however, step in to help with some of the answers! Our lineup this time included myself (Heather), Mike, Brad, Stacy, Laura and Bina. We finished in second for the night with 112 points. We won one second place prize in game two after losing a tiebreaker for first place. It was one of the more unusual trivia nights we’d ever played, not just because of the team’s lineup, but because of some activities going on in an adjacent room. Its not every trivia game where you hear the booming tones of “Hail Columbia” from someone playing a baritone! Trivia, this tune is the ceremonial entrance march of the Vice-President of the United States. It was also previously considered as a candidate for the national anthem, before “The Star Spangled Banner” was officially adopted for that purpose. And the questions…
Game One
1. Energy Drinks – What brand of energy drink introduced by Pepsi in 2001 has had varieties including Overdrive, Lightning and Exhale, among others? Miss for 1, we put a hybrid energy drink made by Coca-Cola, even though we knew it wasn’t correct.
2. Film Characters – What real life person was played by Robert de Niro in the 1987 film “The Untouchables?” For an extra nerd bonus, the film is based on whose 1957 memoir? Got both.
3. TV Networks – Within one, in what year did the History Channel drop the word “Channel” from its name? Nailed spot on…
4. Canada – Canada’s Maritime provinces include New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and what third province? I knew a woman from this province back in the early 2000s. She pronounced the word “about” like “aboot.” Cute…
5. Heisman Trophy – What school winning three national championships in the 1940s also produced Heisman winners Doc Blanchard, Glenn Davis and Pete Dawkins? Nice try Brad, miss for 3.
6. Anatomy – In humans, the parotid and sublingual glands are located in which part of the body?
7. Debut Albums – What band released their debut album “Yourself or Someone Like It” in 1996, which produced four hit singles? Miss for 4.
8. Quotes- What word completes the catchphrase coined by Irina Dunn and Gloria Steinem – “A woman needs a man like a fish needs (blank)?”
9. Landmarks – In January, 2017, the Freedom Riders National Monument was establed in the the city of Anniston in which southern U.S. state? Miss for 6…ouch.
10. ’90s Movies- What 1997 film was the final film starring Chris Farley during his lifetime – which was nominated for an MTV movie award for best comedy? Practically EVERYONE doubted me on my initial guess here, but got it…
Mystery – Crosswords
1. Six letters – Word describing uproar or confusion and name of James Blunt’s debut album
2. Eight letters – A type fo flute with a whistle mouthpiece, a thumb hole and seven finger holes
3. Eight letters – Word describing “side by side” or two lines that never meet
4. Four letters – Word describing large hood like one a monk might wear
Got them all, though there was some debate on #2…
Scores – Ten teams, scores 33 to 60, with Teamy McTeamface in first, playing under a Chuck Berry inspired name. We were tied for second with Gotham Knights with 57.
Final Category – Australian Actors
Australian actors Teresa Palmer, Sam Worthington, Luke Bracey, and Rachel Griffiths all play Americans in their featured roles in what 2016 film nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture?
Game winners: Gotham Knights, Teamy McTeamface.
Game Two
1. Tests – What does IQ stand for in testing parlance?
2. 2000s Movies – What 2001 movie was directed by, written by and starred Tom Green and was panned by Roger Ebert, among many other critics?
3. Commercials – Audio clue of Tootsie Roll commercial, had to identify the decade in which it first appeared.
4. U.S. States – In 1997, voters in Dade County voted to add the name of what city to the county’s name?
5. Voyages- What Spanish queen authorized and financed Christopher Columbus’ first voyage of exploration in 1492?
6. Boxing – As of 2016, each of the eight highest grossing pay per view events of all time have featured two specific boxers. Name one of them, for an extra “nerd” bonus, name both.
7. TV Dramas – What TV drama series set in a Boston law firm won two Primetime Emmy awards for outstanding drama series in the late 1990s? FB clue…
8. Album Sales – From what movie was the best selling soundtrack in 1994?
9. Paper – How many sheets are in a ream of paper? Multiple choices given, did not write the all down. This is one that the “teenager” Bina happily chimed in to answer. “My teacher just told us this last week.”
10. Dolls- What line of 18-inch dolls has produced a “girl of the year” doll in most years beginning in 2001?
Mystery – Missed #2, the “teenager” again was a big help with this round! Nice infusion of young blood, lol…
Scores- Eleven teams, scores 37 to 60, with us, Teamy McTeamface and Annie’s College Fund all tied for first.
Final Category – Sports and Food
There are five costumed sausage mascots that race each other before the bottom of the sixth inning at every home game for the Milwaukee Brewers.
One of them is a hot dog; name three of the other four kinds of sausages in this race.
Got ’em. This put us in a tiebreaker for first with Teamy, our question was how many regular season games did the Cincinnati Reds win in the 2016 season? We guessed 92, Teamy’s answer of 81 closer to the correct answer 68. We won $10/second place. Until next time, which will be Tuesday, so look for a recap on Wednesday! As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, you costumed sausage mascots (long shudder). Now pardon me while I try to think of ANYTHING but a costumed mascot! It’s just so weird and creepy how their real eyes are in one spot and their costume eyes are somewhere else. Is there a phobia for this? Again, SHUDDER! Uh, Go Pods!

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