Trivia Recap – Nov. 18, 2016 – Original Gravity (Venue Tournament)

A nice ending for the ‘Pods Thursday at Original Gravity Brewing Co. in Milan. I decided to go out for one last “hurrah” at this bar for a sixth solo “flight” (for the season) at its Sporcle Live venue tournament, deliberately playing solo to “test” myself. Results? I finished in second place with 132 points, winning one $10/second place gift card in game two. More Beer Less Pants finished in first, earning a spot in the upcoming league championship – but since they already have a spot in the Central division finals, this spot was given to third place finishers Josh Pit, who will be attending their first championship. Good luck to them! Sigh, I remember our first “finals” at the Majestic Theater in August, 2012. It was an eye-opening experience, and a grim reminder of how much more we needed to know to be able to compete in this game! It’s rewarding to be able to get a geography final question right because you took the Sporcle “countries of the world” quiz a zillion times. But it’s also rewarding to know trivia answers just because you absorbed the knowledge the “natural” way – in the case of the game two final question, by seeing a certain movie when you were 7, in this case a movie directed by a statutory rapist featuring a love triangle, a suggestive strawberry eating scene (vis a vis photo tie in) and a rape scene (among other things). My experience of sitting through this movie, which I probably did not understand very well at the time, helped me win that $10 gift card in game two. So…thanks Mom and Dad? Interestingly enough, my parents attended one game last season, and were actually quite helpful on some of the questions! Speaking of questions…
Game One
1. U.S. History – The Reconstruction Era followed which American war? 10
2. College Basketball – Bobby Knight (whom I always think of as that “chair throwing coach”) was the head coach of the Indiana Hoosiers from 1971 to 2000. Which Big 12 team did he go on to coach from 2001 to 2008? Miss for 1, though my “sports man” Brad would have known this (I always quiz him on the sports questions I miss).
3. Cover Songs – What British man had a top 10 hit in the 1980s with the Supremes’ song “You Can’t Hurry Love?” 9
4. Banks – The “Big Four” banks hold 39 percent of the deposits in the U.S., and include J.P. Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Citigroup and what other bank? I’m a credit union gal…but I did consider the right answer, miss for 3.
5. TV Intros – What are the full names of the elements in the Breaking Bad intro? Now this is actually a science question in disguise, and I happen to know these symbols (thank you Sporcle, I have never watched a single episode of that show). 4
6. Languages – What is the official language of Panama? 8. My husband spent two summers here when he was in college. In addition to being chick bait because he wasn’t enlisted, he learned a little of this “official” language, particularly how to say “slow down” since he said they all spoke too fast!
7. Book to Movie – What World War 2 era book written by Markus Zusak inspired a 2013 movie of the same name starring Geoffrey Rush and Emily Watson? Miss for 2.
8. Advertising Mascots – The hotel chain Travelodge uses what kind of sleepy animal as its mascot? My weary ears initially heard “sleazy” animal, which would be a fitting mascot for certain motels, lol…good guess for 5.
9. The Human Body – Which of the following terms is the more common term for cerumen? Belly button lint, boogers, tears or ear wax? 7
10. Political Terms – What is the four-letter term for a group of legislators who vote together for a specific purpose irrespective of party lines? Nope, just couldn’t come up with this one, miss for 6. This round ending with a thud!
Mystery – TV moms – Identify the TV moms based on the names of kids given.
1. Carlton, Hillary and Ashley
2. Marcia, Jan and Cindy
3. Haley, Alex, and Luke
4. Brad, Randy and Mark
Missed 1, 3, 4. “Not my mystery round” (ahem).
Standings: 15 teams, scores 22 to 61, with a team whose name I don’t recall being in first. i was in fifth with 49 points, behind MBLP, who had 53 points.
Final Category: Quarterbacks (YIKES! Maybe I’ll just play one game and go home!!!!)
To date, only three quarterbacks who were selected as first overall draft picks went on to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Name one of them.
And I visited this hall of fame as a kid. The amusement park was much more exciting, even though it was a 114-degree day and I wound up passing out on the asphalt and spending a good part of the day in first aid! Still, more fun than pro football hall of fame…Oh yeah, Brad just now responded to my message, he would have known one of these. And yet just another reason I like playing solo – it makes me appreciate my teammates all the more! “I love you guys” (Eric Cartman voice).
Game one standings: ‘Pods/Grandma, 49 (third place), team #14, 57; and MBLP, 73. They were the only two teams getting this final correct (nicely done).
Game Two
1. Food – What is the name for the starchy thickening agent derived from the casaba plant, commonly used in puddings? 10
2. State Capitals (when I heard the categories for game two I started writing down as many of these as I could before the question was asked, managed to write down 44, for the record) – Name one of the two southernmost state capitals in the U.S., other than Honolulu? 4
3. Dogs – With a name translating to “sand skin” what ancient breed of Chinese dog is known for its distinctive deep wrinkles? 9
4. Stage Productions – What Tony winning musical comedy was adapted from Monty Python and the Holy Grail? 8
5. Chemical Compounds – The letters NaF represent the chemical compound commonly found in toothpaste and is better known by what name? I’m so glad these “elements” question in this game were easy since I didn’t have my “scientist” playing with us! 7
6. Star Wars – Who is the only person to receive an acting Oscar nomination for their performance in any of the “Star Wars” films? 6
7. Tennis – Between 1924 and 1977, which tennis grand slam tournament was held at the West Side Tennis Club? Funny, we had a “grand slam” question in a My Trivia Live game on Wednesday…got this for 1 (shoulda gone higher).
8. TV Cars – What is the name for the Dodge Charger on “The Dukes of Hazzard?” Scott, this question is dedicated to YOU, lol! 5
9. Breaking and Entering (and this is where I should have used my 1 point slip) – What is the two-word term for an item that can be used to break down a door or a wall? Total brain fart…2
10. Video Games – In what country was the video game Tetris created? And here is where Mike would have helped…miss for 3.
Mystery – This Day in History (spoiler…better than that TV moms round for me!)
On this day in…
1. 2006, release of animated film starring Elijah Wood, Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman and Robin Williams
2. 1869 – Official opening of sea-level artificial waterway connecting the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea
3. 1947 – Labor union led by Ronald Reagan implemented an “anti communist loyalty oath”
4. 2003 – 21-year-old female pop singer becomes one of the youngest pop singers in history to receive star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
Got them all
Standings: 13 teams, scores 33 to 60, with MBLP and Where’s Trey in first. I was in third, tied with three other teams with 58 points.
Final Category: Oscar Nominated Movies
Since 1980, four movies have been nominated for Academy Awards for best picture featuring a single name of a female. Name one of those four movies.
Did not come to me right away…and of course I didn’t think of the two fairly recent ones…
Final Standings: ‘Pods, 132, MBLP, 148. And so ends this Sporcle Live season. Good luck to all teams competing in the upcoming league championship! We “may” play our last venue tournament at the YpsiAlehouse on Sunday, that is TBD. As always, Go Pods!

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