Trivia Recap – Dec. 10, 2016- My Trivia Live (Finals Tournament)


'Three 'Pods plus a 'Pods sibling visited @[433616940022054:274:The Plymouth Roc] for the @[302131201124:274:My Trivia Live]
Three ‘Pods plus a ‘Pods sibling visited The Plymouth Roc for the My Trivia Live “finals” Saturday, finished in sixth place overall out of about 40 total teams. Our players included Heather, Mike, Brad and Brad’s brother Kevin. Shout out to team Celtic Pride for taking the top prize of $2,500! Our team’s recap writer (aka me, duh) was involved in tiebreaking duties at the end of the game and thus top scores after tiebreakers were settled were not written down (no rest for the wicked). So all we know is team One is the Loneliest Number featuring players from teams One is the Loneliest Number (duh), More Beer Less Pants and What the Shibboleth finished just ahead of us in fifth. If anyone has a list of the top 10 finishing teams, please private message them to our page admin or to the page! Another shout out to the staff of the Roc for providing pretty damn good service under trying conditions! None of the glasses on our table remained empty for long, so special thanks again! And the questions (drum roll), some of which may be abbreviated.
Round One
1. Stamps – What is the price of a first class U.S. stamp as of Dec. 2016? I honestly can’t remember the last time I put a stamp on something and mailed it…Miss for 3.
2. Bible Stories – What was the name of the city whose walls were brought down by the Israelites? 5 Sing: “Joshua fought the battle of….”
3. Quotes – From what movie would you hear the following quote? “What… is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?
What do you mean? An African or European swallow?” A groaner…too easy for this crowd! 1 Show of hands…how many teams had already blown their big points before coming to this question?
Round Two
1. Business – In October, 2016, outdoor recreation retailer Cabela’s announced its planned acquisition of what company for $5.5 billion? Debated between two, but picked the right one but for only 1 point.
2. Beer – Beer Day is celebrated every year in what Scandinavian country on March 1, honoring the elimination of the 74-year prohibition of beer, which lasted from 1915 to March 1, 1989? Brad with right guess for 3.
3. Football – What NFL team has lost the most Super Bowl games? Miss for 5. Ugh…
Round Three
1. U.S History – What did Woodrow Wilson advocate the formation of in his 14-point plan – which wound up lasting from 1920-1946 until being renamed? 5
2. Auto Products – What does STP stand for when referring to the automotive additive created in 1954? Nope, miss for 1.
3. TV – What TV show won the primetime emmy for oustanding comedy series in 2015 ending Modern Family’s five consecutive wins? And this, kids, is why it’s helpful to play in more than one trivia league! We had a question about this show in a Sporcle Live game Thursday night, so this tidbit was still fresh in our brains! 3 points.
Halftime – I don’t have my notes, so this is really, really abbreviated…
Name four of the top 5 U.S. colleges/universities who have produced the most billionaires according to Forbes magazine? We managed to get two of these.
Halftime scores: Low score 13, high score 31 with Oscar’s Grill (Saline) team Better Late than Pregnant in the top spot. We were in 10th with 22 points, team OITLN in seventh with 25. We don’t know a lot of teams in this league yet, so we’re just “tracking” a couple that we do know!
Round Four
1. Comic Strips – What black-and-white comic created by Antonio Prohias includes his name “signed” in Morse code in the title panel of each one? True story…I “binge-read” my old magazines containing this comic just a few days before finals. But would have known this answer even had I not done that…6
2. Hobbits – “Hobbit Day” celebrated Sept. 22 annually marks the birthday of writer J.R.R. Tolkien and the birthdays of what two hobbits from his books? There was some “heckling” from the peanut gallery about how the author’s name was pronounced on the mic…(nerds), got this for 4.
3. Retail – What does “SKU” stand for when referring to retail inventory maintenance? Miss for 2.
Round Five
1. 1930s Movies – What 1933 film starring Claude Rains shows his face only briefly toward the end of the film? Brad and Mike for 6
2. Senate Hearings – The lead singer of what hard rock band from the ’80s testified before Congress in 1985 about explicit lyrics, among other things? Clearly he wasn’t going to “take it,” got this for 4.
3. Magazine Covers – As of 2014, who has appeared on the cover of “Time” magazine the most times? Miss for 2.
Round Six
1. Country Music Legends – Who played Buck Bonham in the 1980 film “Honeysuckle Rose?” Mike remembered this movie poster from when he was a kid, got this for SIX.
2. World Leaders – First becoming chancellor of West Germany in 1982, who presided over the integration of East Germany into West Germany and remained chancellor of Germany until 1998? 4
3. Quiz Shows – Ann Robinson, nicknamed the “Queen of Mean” was the host of both the British and U.S. versions of what game show? 2
Scores heading into the final: Low score 29 points, high score 65, with Better Late than Pregnant in the top spot. We were in sixth with 54, OITLN in fourth with 57. A bunch of teams were tied, we we had to answer this tiebreaker, which I didn’t write down: In what year was the patent for a cast-iron rotating waffle iron?
Final Category: Movies
Oscar winners from films released in 1995, 2003, 2006 and 2008 all appeared in what 1982 hit comedy?
Lots of movies were suggested and discarded. We focused on coming up with the movie, did not dwell on the Oscars part of the question. Then I remembered the right movie and remembered at least two Oscar winners from that film won Oscars for films released those years.
Then prizes were given out, photos taken…so there’s that. If anyone reports the scores to us, we’ll be sure to share them on this page! Our next game is TBD, but Wednesday at The Wurst Bar for sure. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Richard Nixon!

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