Trivia Recap – Oct. 26, 2016 – TGI Fridays (Ann Arbor)

In an “ideal” pub trivia universe, you have people on your trivia team with their trivial “jobs.” A sports expert, a movies expert, a TV expert, history expert, geography expert, and so on. Which works well if your team regularly plays with at least 4 to 6 people and they always show up. However, when a team slims down to a soloist or “dynamic duo,” sometimes players have to “try” stepping into other knowledge areas – which is always interesting, to say the least! In the 2009 film “Inglourious Basterds,” Aldo Raine, played by Brad Pitt, leads an elite group of Nazi hunters, who plan to infiltrate an all-Nazi film screening at a theater in Nazi-occupied Paris. At that point in the film, they have lost some of their ranks due to death, and have to improvise while attempting to carry out their plans. So they pass themselves off as Italian filmmakers, thinking the Nazis won’t notice that their attempts at speaking Italian actually sucks. Aldo Raine deems himself the ranking expert in speaking Italian, and designates two other soldiers as being second and third best at speaking Italian – even though none of them actually speak ANY Italian. That’s kind of like when you’re playing a trivia game without any sports experts, and the “second” or “third best” player has to attempt to step into that role. Sometimes they might get lucky, and get a non-specific sports question that is really just a geography question, or it could be about something that the person had read about recently or attempted to “study” some time ago. Worst case scenario, a smarty-pants Nazi officer actually speaks fluent Italian, and the jig is up (busted!). We had three sports questions Tuesday, one of which we got correct, because it was actually kind of a “occult” question in disguise, which Mike, as our expert in things arcane, knows a thing or two about. And we “almost” got a nerd point correct, because I remembered, from a previous game, which college an NFL quarterback had attended college. The brain can work in mysterious ways, or sometimes not even work at all! We finished with 97 points for the night, winning one second place prize and a third place prize, which will get you a free dessert at TGI Fridays! The $3 pints of non-swill beer were a good deal indeed, just to throw that out there! And the questions, which Heather (myself) and Mike attempted to answer (in some cases, very, very vainly). Thanks to Scott C. from More Beer Less Pants for providing the question set for game two.
Game One
1. Slogans – What discount grocery chain uses the slogan “Honest to Goodness Savings?” 2
2. Animals – A komondor is what type of animial? Needed Brad for this, miss for 3.
3. Computers – Within one, in what year did Apple release its sleekly designed iMac computer? Got this within one for 5, Mike still has one of these…
4. Nursery Rhymes – In the English nursery rhyme “Sing a Song of Sixpence,” how many blackbirds are baked into a pie? 10
5. Movie Songs – The song “You Know My Name”, performed by Chris Cornell, is the theme song to what James Bond film? We had the “hint” that it was released in 2006, unsure if other teams had this “hint,” got this for 9.
6. World Leaders – The address 24 Sussex Drive is the official residence for the prime minister of what country? And for “nerd” point, what is this person’s name, who has been prime minister since 2015? 8
7. Hits of the ’80s – What band had hits with “If This Is It,” “Doing it All for My Baby,” and “Happy to be Stuck With You?” 7
8. Superstitions – What is the name of the superstition that plagued the Boston Red Sox? Mike for 6. And he speaks the least amount of “Italian” on our team, lol, but he does know about curses and stuff, he jokingly said…
9. TV Miniseries -What 1976 Alex Haley novel is the basis for the 1977 Emmy-award winning miniseries by the same name? 7
10. State Borders – Which of these states hares the longest border with Kansas? Oklahoma, Colorado, Nebraska, or Missouri? 1
Mystery: Jump for “J” – All correct responses start with the letter J
1. An island of Indonesia or slang term for coffee
2. ’80s cartoon character who was “truly outrageous”
3. Leading peanut butter brand in the U.S. since 1981
4. Three-syllable slang term for a car that is not in mint condition
Got them all, finished round with 64 points.
Standings: Three teams, Advisors, 30; Size Does Matter, 60; and ‘Pods, 64.
Final Category: Songs About Real People
What athlete is the subject of Johnny Wakelin’s 1975 hit single “Black Superman”?
Neither of us were familiar with the song, nor know enough about sports to have been able to pull this one out of our asses, unfortunately. Sometimes when someone says they don’t know Italian, they really don’t know Italian!
Final Standings: ‘Pods, 44; Size Does Matter, 80.
Game Two
1) Comedy Characters – Lee and Patel are the last names of what pair of characters who have appeared in multiple comedy films? 10 Funny, Mike and I had just mentioned this movie in game one when a Britney Spears song was playing, because one of the characters in that movie jokes about wanting to do…something to Britney Spears on the bathroom floor.
2) At the Casino – The first modern slot machine was invented in the late 1800s. What iconic American symbol appeared on the reels and gave the machine its name? Blank stares….miss for 2.
3) Celebrations – Celebrated on February 22nd and May 25th respectively, Celebrity Day and Integrity Day are two observed holidays in what religious movement? Mike steps in for 5.
4) Quarterbacks – According to Forbes’ 2016 list of the World’s Highest-Paid Athletes, what quarterback is the top-earning American football player? This is where I had to try to be the “sports” person. I wrote down a list of quarterbacks, and we wound up going with the guy who is #8 on that list (and in commercials with Lionel Richie). I did, however, remember what college this guy went to, so “small victory” there! Miss for 1. Also missed nerd point (below). If this were the Inglourious Basterds movie, I’d be totally busted by Hans Landa for missing this, lol…
NERD POINT: He won the Heisman Trophy while playing for which SEC school?
5) Ghosts – In the book Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, what is the alliterative name of the ghost who haunts the first floor girls’ bathroom? Mike for 9.
6) TV Themes (AUDIO) What specific police drama series uses this song as their theme song? We did not have an audio clue, our question was to guess, within five, how many years elapsed between the release of The Who’s “Won’t Get Fooled Again” and the year CSI debuted on TV. Got this for 4.
7) Deserts – Which desert takes its name from Arabic meaning “Greatest Desert”? 8
8) Household Chemicals – The volatile organic compound Acetone is commonly used as what cosmetics item? 7
9) Headquartered in Pottsville, Pennsylvania, what is the largest American-owned brewery and oldest American-owned brewery? Miss for 6, though we DID consider the right brewery. I’m going to blame the 1978 film “The Deer Hunter” for the reason we missed this for 6. And only because the product placement of the beer we wound up putting down as our answer was so prominent in the film. , lol…Not that we’re REALLY blaming this wonderful movie (if you skip past the long, drawn-out wedding scene at the beginning of the film, (yawn). Can we fast-forward to the “Russian roulette” scene , please? 🙂
10) Apps – Also the name of a Greek Mythological monster with a hundred eyes, what fitness app was launched by Azumio in 2016? Our “monsters” expert Mike had never heard of this particular monster, nor the app…miss for 3.
Visual Mystery – – Missed #4.
Standings: Our f— ups put us at the bottom of the three teams that were playing this time with 49. Curse you, Rolling Rock! Curse you! The Three Hombres were in first with 61.
Final Category – Languages
Among the six official languages of the United Nations, which language is spoken by the fewest people worldwide?
All three teams missed this… We finished in third and got a free brownie/ice cream dessert, and Size Does Matter finished second with 51, and the Hombres finished in first with 61 (both zero bets). Until next time, which will be our last My Trivia Live season game at The Wurst Bar tonight, where we will likely finish in the top venue spot for the season. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, you Viet Cong soldiers in “The Deer Hunter!”

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