Trivia Recap – Oct. 21, 2016 – Oscar’s Sports Grill

A couple of ‘Pods visited Oscar’s Sports & Grill in Saline for its Sporcle Live trivia scene Saturday. We lived in Saline 17 years ago, and it looked quite a bit different then than it does now! It’s still nice to occasionally visit this town for nostalgia reasons, point out the strip mall that used to have a “video store,” (anyone else remember those things?) or go “groundhog spotting” in Mill Pond Park. Oscar’s has apparently been hosting Sporcle Trivia for close to a month now, but has used different substitute hosts for at least a couple of weeks according to our “sources.” Last night’s host was Live Trivia with Robyn Sporcles, who stepped into a very challenging gig! There were Chicago Cubs fans ecstatically watching them advance to the World Series, and in the meantime, there were a good deal of Spartans in the house, as well as OSU fans (one of the teams used the name “Go Bucks”). When Mike and I arrived, people were waiting to get tables, but we found a couple of seats at the bar, where we could watch both of the college games simultaneously, and if we wanted to find out how the baseball game was going, all we had to do was listen to the crowd! As for the game, we finished in second overall for the night with 122 points, just shy of the “prize zone” in both games. We missed just one 1-point question in game one. Speaking of questions…
Game One
1. Science History – What extremely flammable gas, which is lighter than air, was used to keep the Hindenburg afloat (until it wasn’t afloat anymore)? 10
2. Popcorn – What brand of microwave popcorn released a colored line of popcorn called “Pop Qwiz” in the ’90s? Good guess for 3. I honestly don’t remember this stuff ever existing (where the Hell was I? Had I known it existed, I probably would not have eaten it anyway).
3. NFL Geography – What is the westernmost U.S. capital city to have an NFL team playing its home games there? Mike and I teamed up here for 5 (on a sports question, woot).
4. Classic Actors – What classic Hollywood actor starred in “The Philadelphia Story,” “An Affair to Remember,” and “North by Northwest?” Another good guess for 4. Can we be confident on a question in this game?
5. Africa – What landlocked African country was historically known as Abyssinia? I was sure of this, but Mike was not sure whether the country I wanted to go with was landlocked or not. Then I mentioned that this nation is “deprived” of water by another “slivery” nation (there are actually three nations that “deprive” this country of coastline, which would be a very good final trivia question). That was enough to convince him, got this for 9.
6. ’80s Hits – Name one of the two Cyndi Lauper singles starting with the letter “T” to hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts? Name both for an extra “nerd” point. Got both for 8.
7. Cars – What poor-selling car launched in the late 1950s was described by writer Don Deutsch as “the wrong car at the wrong time?” Mike for the points here (and he’s not usually our “cars” person), 6.
8. U.S. Cities – Reading, Bethlehem and Lancaster are among the most populous cities in what U.S. state? 7
9. Slogans – What cable TV network has used the slogan, “Watch what happens?” Our only miss of the round for 1.
10. Beliefs – What is the term for the divine, mystic belief that numbers coincide with certain events? 2
Mystery – Before and After
1. The theme song for “Cops” and ’99 film in which Hillary Swank won her first Oscar
2. Best-selling AC/DC album and 1877 Anna Sewell children’s novel about a horse
3. One of the Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young members and late ’90s series starring Ryan Gosling as a Greek mythological hero
4. Mascot for Fruit Loops and feudal Japanese warrior
Got them all.
Standings – Ten teams – scores ranging from about 38 (I did not catch the “low” score) to 66, with us in the top spot playing under the name Two Tentacles to Paradise.
Final Category – Presidential Elections
In the 1968 U.S. presidential election, George Wallace, the candidate of the American Independent Party, won every electoral vote from five states. Name FOUR of those five states.
Our bar only had to name three of those states. Our team managed to get two. We wound up finishing in fourth place, no prizes…
Game winners: Mostly Guessing (moved up from sixth), 58; Whitmore Lake Wizards, 77 (moved up from fifth).
Game Two
1. Technology – What technology company developed PhotoShop, Acrobat, and InDesign? And for “nerd” point, within two, in what year was PhotoShop first released? A great night to be playing with a graphic designer! Got this for 10 and were just one year off on the bonus. Nice work, Mike!
2. U. S. Military – What is the official name of the U.S. Navy frigate nicknamed “Old Ironsides?” 5
3. Kids’ Books – In a 1971 Judy Blume book, a character named Andrew buys a juice recipe in the hopes of developing what physical attribute? And this was a “just give me the highest slip” question for me, got this for 9 (always fun to wrestle the points slips away from Mike, lol). Are you there, trivia gods? It’s me, Heather…when, oh when will Sporcle do an all Judy Blume “theme night?” Yeah, never, I know, I know…. 😦
4. Sports Arenas – What “Big 12” conference school plays its home basketball games at Allen Fieldhouse, named for the man who ran the program from 1919 to 1956? Miss for 1.
5. Kitchen Science – Which of the following acids makes up 5 to 20 percent of the volume of vinegar? Acetic, ascorbic, formic, or sulfuric? 7
6. Sitcoms – Audio clue of ’60s sitcom featuring a sexy witch. Which reminds me of that time my mother felt “compelled” to explain why she had a broom in the back seat of her car (even though I didn’t ask about it). “In case the car breaks down,” she said to me, in the most deadpan delivery imaginable. In reality, it was so she could brush snow off it, but still, you just don’t forget something like this! Got this for 8.
7. Dog Breeds – What dog breed shares its name with the French word for butterfly? FB clue, 6.
8. Airlines – What low-cost American airline founded in 1999 has used the slogan, “You above all?” Miss for 2. And this is a topic that is ALWAYS worth studying for trivia. Terrible for us!
9. Singing Actors – What actor, who died in 2009, had a top 10 hit song from a movie in which he starred in 1987? I started writing down actors who also had hit songs before we had this question, and this guy was at the top of my list. Got this for 4.
10. Islands – The Galapagos Islands are located in what ocean? 3
Mystery – I should’ve known #4, I work in a place that sells stuff with his name on it! That tooth gap looked SO familiar…alas, this round was a “sinker” for us, no points…
Standings – Ten teams, scores 26 to 61, with Team 11 in first. We were in fourth with 53 points.
Final Category – High-Grossing Films
What are the two highest-grossing films based on Saturday Night Live sketches?
Came up with both right away, which was alarming to us – though there was a third one we briefly considered, too. So just for fun, before we handed in our slip, I wrote down names of every other SNL sketch I could think of – Quarry cereal, Mr. Robinson’s Neighborhood, Samurai Delicatessen, Church Lady, Weekend Update, Bass-O-Matic…yeah, you can see how long ago I “regularly” watched that show… #datingmyself
Got it, but just shy of prize zone in third place, 73 points.
Game winners – Go Bucks, 77; Team 11, 81.
We’ll definitely come back to this place, at least until the Sporcle Live season ends. We also want to check out one of its My Trivia Live nights on a Wednesday, as part of our three-city “road tour” we have (tentatively) planned in the next couple of months. Will YOUR trivia spot be on our list of spots we visit? Only Cthulhu knows for sure! As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, you OSU fans!

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