Trivia Recap – Oct. 19, 2016 – TGI Fridays (Ann Arbor)

A couple of ‘Pods visited the debut Sporcle Live trivia night Tuesday at TGI Fridays (Ann Arbor) hosted by Sporcle Live with Justin T. This is a place some of us used as a hangout about a decade ago. In our more active/limber days, we had martial arts classes at a nearby health club and would quite often come here afterwards for drinks/appetizers. Remember, Sam? So we thought we’d give the place another shot, lured in by the fact it was a “new” trivia spot. When you’ve been playing trivia games as long as we have, we like to check out new spots from time to time! Or mix it up with established league teams at thriving trivia spots. We’re not going to get into any reviews of food, since it’s a chain restaurant, and most people know what to expect (and that’s what Yelp is for). As for the service? Thumbs up! When we went inside and mentioned we wanted to do some trivia, we were very enthusiastically escorted into the bar area. A manager talked to us for a bit, too – and he seemed very enthusiastic about having a trivia night (he even attempted a solo game). They had a special “trivia” menu (pictured with one of our previous posts), with drink specials instantly offered when we sat down at the bar. As for the game, Mike and I finished with 100 points for the night and a $10 second place/$20 first place prize. We were the only league team in attendance, so this is definitely not a “brag.” It just happened and we’re just reporting the facts. There was another team that previously played as a league team that said they recognized our name. Are we famous? Nah! The questions…
Game One
1. Actresses – What actress won the Academy Award for best actress for her role in “Silver Linings Playbook?” For extra “nerd” point, what was her character’s name in that film? Got this for 10, missed the bonus. I whispered the actress’ Hollywood nickname in Mike’s ear, which he wrote down. Literally! I figured he knew her nickname – that’s why it’s always good to “spot” the answer slips before they get turned in!
2. Shoes – What brand of shoe was championed by the rap group Run DMC in a 1986 single? Discussed the right one, but went with another, miss for 2.
3. Halloween – Which “Peanuts” character waits in the pumpkin patch for “The Great Pumpkin?” 9
4. Criminal Groups – “The Purple Gang,” also known as the Sugar House Gang, was active in bootlegging in what U.S. city during the 1920s? I have had a beer called “Purple Gang Pilsner” before (made by the Hideout in Grand Rapids, I think, and another MI brewery makes a beer by a similar name). Beer – is there anything it can’t do? Not the first time my love of beer has helped me answer a trivia question! 4
5. Title TV Characters – Beginning in 1989, which TV title character began working as a surgeon for Eastman Medical Center in Los Angeles? Good guess from me for 9.
6. Soft Drinks – First introduced as “Peppo,” what soft drink was released by the Coca-Cola company to compete with Dr. Pepper? Remembered having a similar question about this in a My Trivia Live game a few weeks ago, got it for 8.
7. NFL Coaches – Bill Belichick is the longest serving coach in the NFL. Who is the second-longest serving coach, having coached the same team since 2003? I was really hoping they were just asking which team the first guy coaches for because I actually know that one ( know, sportsball 101 there). Miss for 1.
8. Hit Songs – What 1999 single by Lenny Kravitz was also a hit single for The Guess Who in 1970? 6
9. Insects – Despite its name, the velvet ant is not an ant at all – but rather comprises 1 family of what other type of insect? Miss for 5, stung!
10. Names of Businesses – What chain of automotive service centers takes its name from one of the members of the house of Phrygia? 3
The host Justin gave an extra three points to all teams on questions #7 and #9, because all teams missed it. Thanks for that!
Mystery – Four letter words
1. Adam and Eve paradise
2. Last name of 11th president
3. The capital of Latvia
4. Moby Dick’s captain
Got them all.
Four teams, scores 38 to 64, with us in the top spot. The other team that “knew” us was in second with 58 points.
Final Category: Coen Brothers Films
In the 2013 Coen brothers movie Inside Llewyn Davis, the actors known for playing Poe Dameron and Kylo Ren record a song as part of a trio. What famous pop singer plays the third member of that trio?
At least I came up with the guy’s correct first name…and no help at all that I had written down several Coen Brothers films, because I didn’t write down “that” one, nor had I ever seen or read about it. Oh well, this put us in a tie for second with a “staff” team, so the prize automatically went to us. Not satisfied with that, I asked the host to see the tiebreaker question, which was: “Arthur Miller and Ziggy Marley share a birthday how many years apart?” Which I answered, and was within one year of being spot-on (I’m not making that up, there were two witnesses to this). So I felt like I “earned” that gift card!
Game Two
1. Pretty Flowers – What tall, trumpet-shamed flower comes in varieties Tiger, Stargazer and Easter? 10
2. Cable TV – What is the current name of the cable network previously known as TNN? Miss for 1, though discussed right one.
3. Pasta – What type of pasta has a name meaning “little worms” and is slightly thinner than spaghetti? 9
4. Video Games – Audio clue of music from popular video game series, got it for 3.
5. Cosmetics – What nail polish line has a three-letter name and has been pitched by Mariah Carey, Selena Gomez and Carrie Underwood? I work in place that sells this stuff, but could only come up with one letter (the last one). Miss for 4.
6. Comedies – What youth sport does Rodney Dangerfield serve as a coach for in the 1992 film “Ladybugs?” 8
7. Candles – Which of the following elements in the wick of a “trick” candle makes it re-light? Sulfur, magnesium, potassium or sodium? 5
8. Sports Anniversaries – In 2003, what sport celebrated its 100th anniversary? There was more to the question, but did not write down all of it, miss for 6. Not looking to be our round!
9. War HIsotry – In which year did the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor? For nerd bonus, on what exact date did this occur? Got both for 7.
10. Schools – In what city is the flagship university in the state of Colorado located? Got it.
Mystery – Missed #3. Myself and a couple of females from the team sitting near us were “distracted” by something in that photo. I put down an off-color guess for my answer as a result, though I did vaguely remember seeing that movie about three years ago or so. But at first glance the guy reminded me more of Roy Scheider than someone who is part of an acting “dynasty.”
Standings: Five teams, scores 30 to 61, with the “other” former league team in first. We were in second with 51 points.
Final Category: U.S. Landmarks
What city along the Mississippi River is home to a pyramid structure, initially known as the Great American Pyramid, that was conceived by artist Mark Hartz in 1954 to somewhat resemble the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt?
We wagered zero on this, as this is not normally a “strong” category for us. Of course Mike knew this one almost right away (he is an amateur Egyptologist, ask him about “Awakening Osiris” sometime). The “other” team wagered full points and missed, so this put us in first. Until next time, which will be The Wurst Bar for a Stacy show tonight. We are taking a couple of weeks off from playing at Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery (we’ll see you soon, Sporcle With Tim!) We have only two games to go here in this current My Trivia Live season, and we have a fairly healthy lead over the second place team. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Peter Fonda!

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