Trivia Recap – Oct. 15, 2016 – Maplewood Lanes

Our “Three Amigos” of ‘Pods paid a visit to Maplewood Lanes in Saline Friday to join the weekly trivia “gunfight.” Here, the teams are VERY serious about their trivia. Tables, at least a couple of them capable of seating larger teams, are reserved in advance with players/teams’ names on them. When you arrive, someone will likely be talking about tough questions asked in a previous game (which may have been just a couple of days ago), or talking about the upcoming My Trivia Live semifinals (Saturday, Dec. 3). This particular date is a hot topic of discussion among Sporcle Live trivia teams now, too, since their league championship is also scheduled that day. And some of the “serious” trivia players out there play in more than one trivia league (IKR). Back to Maplewood – this is a place where generally only the “serious” trivia teams venture, mainly because of the “jackpot” questions that only the top three finishing teams get even a shot at answering – let alone winning the coveted prize. Alas, we were not one of those teams who got to try answering the question, nor was our mood very serious that night. Perhaps it was the full moon, perhaps it was the wording of some of the questions, which caused my two teammates – Mike and Brad – to giggle like 12-year-olds (more accurately, Beavis and Butthead). Despite the giggling, we actually didn’t do too badly! At this place, not being in last place at the half or going into the final is a small victory! And since our mission was to replace a missing score? Mission accomplished! And the questions…
Round One
1. Television – Who played Gabrielle Solas on “Desperate Housewives? Brad for 5.
2. Music – What song from “Flashdance” won the Academy Award for best song? Me for 3.
3. SCIENCE! – What material is soft when wet, very easily shaped, hard when dried and can be made waterproof? And thus commenced…the giggling. The host might as well have said “Lake Titicaca.” Despite the hilarity, we did manage to get this for 1. Seriously, do I need to get a strict nanny for these guys? 🙂
Round Two
1. Cartoons – What Warner Brothers Mexican mouse character’s name because a term for someone moving very quickly? 5
2. Words – What word, derived from centuries-old papal custom, refers to favoring family members for positions and jobs (this is abbreviated)? 3
3. Movies – Paul Newman’s title character in the 1967 film “Cool Hand Luke” was imprisoned for decapitating what? The word “decapitating” kind of threw us here, a simpler question would just ask what he destroyed that caused him to be imprisoned. Jussayn…Is it technically possible to decapitate something that doesn’t have a head? Don’t think changing the wording would’ve helped us get this, as none of us had ever seen that movie, or know anything about it other than “that” iconic quote. Miss for 1, which was a bummer, because we knew the “bonus” question asking for the movie in which Harry Callahan said “Go ahead…make my day.”
Round Three
1. Liquids – What widely used solvent/compound is used in nail polish remover? Another abbreviated question, got this for 5.
2. Fashion – The name of what baby creature is given to a stiletto of two inches or less? Nope, miss for 1, though our guess was really, really close!
3. Martial Arts – What Japanese term means “person born before another” and also refers to a teacher or master of a subject? 3
Halftime – Put the following celebrities, who all died in 2010, in order in which they died. Corey Haim, Dennis Hopper, Dixie Carter and Eddie Fisher. Yes, this was really the question they asked us! And we decided to let the laws of probability guide us here, we assigned a number to each dead celebrity and randomly drew them, putting them in the order in which the number was drawn. And that’s only slightly less crazy than the strategy used by a solo player sitting by us, who put the same name down four times – which would guarantee he would get at least one correct. Maybe we need to bring a four-sided Dungeons & Dragons die to games for occasions like these! This isn’t the first time our team has resorted to chance on questions – once, while playing solo, I flipped a coin on an “either/or” halftime round and got 3/4 correct. One team managed to get them all correct (lucky bastards)!
Standings: Eight teams – scores 22 to 33, with Popcorn Mafia in first. We were in fifth with 29 points.
Round Four
1. Authors – What English author wrote the Swallows and Amazons series of children’s books? And again, Brad giggles. Guess which word made him giggle? May have also prompted a lewd conversation about Amazons and “swallowing…” (oh the humanity…). Seriously, do I need to bring a ruler to trivia games to inflict “nun justice” on these miscreants? Sigh, it was all in good fun…
2. Technology – A photovoltaic module is more commonly known as what? Mike for 4.
3. Asian Cooking – What style of cooking is named after a Southwest China province and is known for its spiciness? 2
Round Five
1. Clones – Japanese scientists cloned what type of creature from a single drop of blood in 2013? Mike was very close in his initial guess, but we went with Brad’s instead for a 2-point miss, which we essentially brushed off. However…when we get a “toys” question later, guess who’s in the hot seat for changing the answer? More about that in a bit…
2. Surgical Procedures – Arthroscopy refers to surgery performed on what specific parts of the human body? A bit of debate, but got it for 4.
3. Words – What word refers to the minimum number of people needed for voting purposes? Again, abbreviated…got this for 4.
Round Six
1. Toys – Found on many executive desks and named after an English physicist, what is the name for the toy incorporating metal balls that collide with one another in a rhythmic fashion? This question essentially rewritten wholesale…there was much more to it about physics and stuff that I did not write down. We had the right physicist, and at first, the right name – but I figured it HAD to be too “filthy” of a name to ever be a MTL answer. I was wrong…miss for 4.
2. Processes – What is the name for the ancient process in which glass and metal are melted, cooled slowly and reforged? One team managed to get this, so no shenanigans…we missed it for 4.
3. Environment – Carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide are collectively known as what? 6
Standings: Ten teams – scores 42 to 66, with Stormin’ Norman (not really sure of this name) in first. We were in seventh with 57 points.
Final Category: Geography
What island nation, originally named Santiago, was a Spanish possession until 1655 and was occupied by Great Britain until ultimately gaining its independence in 1962? We went with a Lesser Antilles Caribbean nation instead, thrown by the “Santiago” qualifier, which is similar to a Caribbean capital city of a country with a similar name to the one we put down. And I took a bathroom break here, and did not write down the top three teams answering the “jackpot” question, which was this: Who was the oldest person to become a regular cast member of SNL (not including George Coe, who was only on one episode)? Nobody got it…Until next time, which will be Sunday at the YpsiAlehouse. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Frog Brothers!

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