Trivia Recap – May 19, 2016 – Wurst (featuring guest player)

Wednesday I had a “sub,” aka my normal trivia partner Angie’s husband Scott, from the trivia team More Beer Less Pants, play my normal My Trivia Live gig at the The Wurst Bar. Here is his re-cap of that game. The photo I’m using with this re-cap has a very, very tenuous connection to Hercules, who was asked about in the game. Kevin Sorbo (who played Hercules in a TV series) starred in a very awful movie called “Pool Boy – Drowning Out the Fury.” I wanted to pick the most ridiculous photo possible. As for our trivia shenanigans, a couple of ‘Pods will be visiting Original Gravity Brewing Co. for trivia tonight. Enjoy this re-cap that I didn’t have to write (thanks Scott)!
Wednesday night I subbed in for Heb from the Miskatonic University Fighting Cephalopods on the “side project” team that she has with my wife. The usually all-female team plays My Trivia Live out of The Wurst Bar in Ypsi under the name Generation Double X. This was not one of our better outings, missing a few questions by essentially a coin toss. But after talking to others that played elsewhere, I was not alone in feeling the agony of a tricky question set.
The questions are abbreviated, since many of the questions tend to be a bit long.
1)What national monument was built on an island formerly known as Bedlow’s Island?
2)In what 2001 movie did Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson make his feature film debut?
– Oops, we went with his second film as this character.
3)What soft drink company did Claude A. Hatcher form after a dispute with a Coca Cola distributor over the price for the syrup?
– I pulled this one out of my butt.
4)Sharing the name with the 2nd letter of the Greek alphabet, what type of testing is done with a sample of the intended market group trying out the product?
5)The Karakoram Highway connects China to what other nation?
– Figured it was going to be one of the mountain passes. Picked the wrong (neighboring) country.
6)The Kentucky Derby, The Preakness and what other race make up horse racing’s “Triple Crown”?
Bonus – In 1973, what was the first horse to win the Kentucky Derby in less than 2 minutes? It had a movie made about it in 2010.
– got the main question, but picked the wrong horse racing movie from the 2000s, which means no points for us.
7)What country is the Shinto religion based in?
8)What type of magnet, consisting of iron and nickel atoms of unpaired electrons whose spins are aligned?
– The wording may be messed up on this, but I can’t easily find an article online that states this. We didn’t get it right.
9)What president famously said, “Read my lips… no new taxes”?
Halftime – Hockey
Name 4 of the “Original 6” NHL hockey teams.
Got them, as did 99% of the other teams in this city so close to “Hockeytown”.
Going into the final, we were sitting in 7th place with 29 points. The leaders, whose names I don’t recall, had 37 and 38 respectively.
10)The Kiel Canal connects the Baltic Sea to what other sea: Black Sea, North Sea, Mediterranean Sea or Red Sea?
– Newsletter clue.
11)The spacecraft Cassini was launched in 1997 to explore what planet, which is continues to do today?
– Nope. I haven’t really followed NASA stuff since I was in middle school.
12)What is the name of the short story by Washington Irving, about a man who fell asleep in the woods for 20 years?
13)How many labors were given to Hercules by King Eurystheus?
– Ang with the mythologic knowledge here!
14)Which of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World was located in a place formerly known as Ephesus?
– This subject falls squarely into the “SH*# I don’t know” category.
15)In 1962, what country did Algeria gain its independence from?
16)Someone that is a “teetotaler” abstains from drinking what?
17)Pringles potato chips were owned by Proctor and Gamble until 2012, when they were sold to what cereal brand?
– Went with a bigger cereal company, forgetting about MTLs love of all things Michigan.
18)Who was known as the “Godfather of Soul”?
Heading into the final, we still in 7th, with 57. First and second were sitting at 68 & 65.
Final – Television
When Ronda Rousey hosted SNL, she was only the 3rd female athlete to host the show. Who was the first female athlete to host SNL, doing so on November 11, 1989?
Right sport, with two very good options for the time period. Unfortunately, we picked the wrong one. And by wrong one, I mean the one that has more championships and wins.
Oh well, this was just for fun anyway, right?
Back with the regular team on Tuesday to keep chipping away at the leaderboard at Johnny’s Grill

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