Trivia Recap – May 15, 2016 – YpsiAlehouse

Hi, H.R., the “main” admin for the ‘Pods page here. I visited the YpsiAlehouse for trivia tonight with my usual “partner in crime” Mike for Sporcle and Shine with Emily. Our normal “third dude” Brad Nelson was AWOL due to a dog show in Vermont (wouldn’t you know it, both of his Deerhound bitches happened to be in heat AT THE SAME TIME, true story I could not make this up if I tried), but the two of us still soldiered on. Because we abide like the Dude, yo. Read on to find out about the trials and tribulations that ensued as a result! No prizes 112 league points. And the questions…
Game One
1. Racing – How many laps are run when the Indianapolis 500 is raced to conclusion? Mike for the right guess, but for only 2.
2. First Lines – “All this happened – more or less” was the first line of what Kurt Vonnegut novel? Wrong guess for 3. We went with the book about the 6-foot tall imaginary rabbit. Which apparently is not even the right author…
3. Populations – What is the most populous East Coast city beginning with the letter R? I mentioned the right one, but we instead went with another one. Yes, sometimes these things happen, no point crying over spilled trivia, miss for SIX.
4. Recent Films – Audio clue involving movie with hot man raised in the jungle. Story written by Rudyard Kipling. And that’s all I have to say about that…(damn he is cute though).
5. Important Dates – Known as “D-Day,” the Allied invasion of Normandy happened in what month? I knew this (and the right date, for the record) for 9.
6. Dancing With the Stars – Name one of the two youngest women to win DWTS at age 17. Name both for nerd bonus. Nade a noble attempt, but alas, picked the WRONG STUPID REALITY SHOW and blew 4.
7. Cars – What crossover has models including the Outback and Forester? Really? Got this for 8.
8. Space Flight – Other than the U.S., Soviet Union, or Russia, what is the only other country to launch a manned space flight? Seven.
9 Languages – What name in Hebrew can mean peace, hello, or goodbye? What, not Aloha? Five points.
10. Band Members – Which member of One Direction left in 2015 to pursue a solo career? Got this for the 1 pointer we had left. Getting a one-pointer on a boy band question? Is this amateur hour? Worst wagering ever. Of all time…..
Mystery: Before and After
1. Remote location Robert Peary in 1909 and arcade racing game released in 1982?
2. 1957 novel by Jack Kerouac and nemesis of Wile E. Coyote
3. Pulitzer Prize winning conservative political commentator and sitcom starring Eric McCormick and Deborah Messing
4. Father of Leif Erickson and type of star entering last stage
Got all of these. Got #3 at the 11th hour, after saying ” Brad would be all over this, he’s got a huge boner for Deborah Messing.” Then his leprechaun luck kicked in (thanks bro)!
Standings; Ten teams, with 29 points ranging to 65, with Diane’s G’s in first.
Final Category: U.S. State Geography
Among all of the states that border Missouri, which two are the largest by area?
Got one, but not both, wagered eight points. Missed the prize zone.
2. My Trivia Partner Doesn’t Know this is a Date, 53; DVA Shaped Rug, 82.
Game Two
1. Meats – Westphalia and Bayonnne are both types of what kind of meat? Right guess, but for only 1.
2. Running Mates – Winona LeDuke was the running mate of what Green Party candidate in 1996 and 2000? Ten points.
3. Trees – What type of tree lends its name to both a U.S. National Park and a U2 studio album? Nine points.
4. TV Sitcoms – What is the occupation of Bryan Cranston’s recurring “Tim Watley” character on “Seinfeld?” And what a night for Brad our “Seinfeld” expert to be absent…Murphy’s law of trivia…miss for 2.
5. Colonies – What Virginia city is the site of the first permanent settlement in North America? Mike started writing this answer down before the question was finished, eight points.
6. ’80s Hits – Name one of the two songs from the Toto 4 album that peaked in the top 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. Name both for nerd point. If you can name two Toto songs, you pretty much had this…seven points (plus one).
7. Sportsball Families – What sportsball family has produced five NFL players named Bruce, Casey, and three named Clay? And I make right guess for 3. YAY I GET A SPORTSBALL QUESTION CORRECT GO ME!
8. Hitchcock (are we doing phrasing) – The title of what 1958 Hitchcock (phrasing) film derives from a Latin word meaning “whirling” or “to turn?” Six points.
9. Paintings – What Dutch artist was depicted by Paul Gaugin as the “Painter of Sunflowers?” Really? If you miss this? Five points.
10. Cereal – What food product is depicted on an “Apple Jacks” box in addition to apples? Used re-rack and FAILED. Miss for 5. Missed #3.
Heading into final: Scores 39 to 63, with Diane’s G’s in first. We were in third with 56.
Final Category: Actresses
What Oscar-winning actress played the same character in a 2011 film as an actress name Noomi Rapace, who was in a 2009 foreign version of the same film?
Wagered a conservative 10 and OF COURSE GOT IT. Because that’s how it always goes!
Standings: DVA Shaped Rug, 71; Diane’s Gs, 78.
Until next time, which is TBD (as far as Sporcle Livegames go). Our re-cap writer has a pesky thing called “work” interfering with trivia this week (IKR). Until the next re-cap, Go Pods!

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