Trivia Recap – Feb. 29, 2016 – ABC Brewpub

“So…let me get this straight. On that show where the guys helped raise that other guy’s daughters, including a daughter played by twins – there were also real boy twin actors on that show who each played one person? Isn’t it against the law to use more than one set of twins in a TV series, vis a vis the court case Twin Actors Guild vs. Little House on the Prairie?” OK, so we totally made up that last sentence, though that series did have two sets of twin actors playing Laura’s little sisters Carrie and Grace, fun fact for any “Little House on the Prairie” trivia nerds out there. Yes, the ‘Pods epicly (this should be a word, why did spell check click in?) flunked, among other things, a FACEBOOK CLUE QUESTION because we were thrown by the boy twins clue in the question. But that wasn’t the only question we failed in what was one of the most brutal game ones for our team ever. We stuck around for a much better game two, finishing just one spot out of the money and barely squeaking above 100 points overall for the night, thanks to a very, very favorable game two final question. Despite the huge flubs in game one, there were still nice moments of teamwork throughout among the representative players Heather, Mike and Geoff. And the questions…
Game One (if you are continuing to read, grab a tissue, this is going to be a tearjerker, or just make you laugh maniacally)
1. Albums – What band released self-titled albums in 1994, 2006, and 2008 which were also called the blue, green and red albums? Nope, miss for 2.
2. Twitter – In 2015, who sent out the tweet, “After six years in, they’re finally giving me my own account.” Mike for three points, should have gone higher, but it was still just an educated guess.
3. MLB Players – (what a time for Geoff to show up!) What Boston Red Sox player holds the record as all-time leader for home runs by a designated hitter? His reasoning was very convincing, “It’s gotta be him because he’s kind of fat.” Five points. Nice work!
4. Mountains – Lake Placid, two-time host of the winter Olympics, is located in which mountain range, which is part of the Appalachians?” We were torn between two possibilities, but Geoff reasoning kicked in again “”I don’t think it’s the —– mountains, because that’s where all of those resorts for Jewish people were located.” And his reasoning was correct! Four points. We still have big points slips remaining. What could happen in the rest of the game?
5. Movie Characters – What comedy film features characters named Sheriff Bart, Buddy Bizarre, and Olson Johnson? We would not have missed this one had Brad been playing, but alas we did, and for SIX POINTS. Let the slaughter officially begin. Are you still reading? Are you deriving pleasure from our pain? If so, we totally get you (thumbs up, clicks tongue). You have a sick mind and we love you for it!
6. Amendments – In what decade was the most recent amendment to the Constitution ratified? Brad, where are you? Can you teleport to Ann Arbor, like right now? Miss for 1.
7. Commercials – Audio of old margarine commercial. Totally didn’t recognize his voice, though we should have (sad face). Miss for SEVEN.
8. TV Dads – (we warned you) What was the name of the dad of twin sons Nicky and Alex on an ’80s-’90s TV series?. MISS FOR EIGHT.
9. Company Logos – How many colored stripes are there on the current Bank of America logo? MISS FOR NINE. (pssst….just wait for the upcoming mystery round – we almost completely fail that, too!).
10. Animals – Prairie dogs are not dogs at all, but all part of what order of animals? And we get to ADD 10 points here, woo hoo!
Mystery: Disney Second Lines – name the Disney movie based on the second line of dialogue.
1. Please, please, come closer – too close…too close.
2. But what is the measure of a true hero?
3. I’m nine feet tall.
4. Although he had everything his heart desired, the prince was spoiled, selfish, and unkind.
Missed 1, 3, and 4, got #2 on a guess. Whew, glad THAT’s over with. Maybe we can get a friendly final question category?
Heading into the final: Eleven teams with scores ranging from 29 (yeah, that would be us) to 55, with Apollo 15 in the lead. Lower scores across the board at least, right?
Final Question Category: Companies (ugh!). This is not statistically a strong category for us, even if we’re playing as a full team. We just don’t have great heads for this kind of stuff. And because we didn’t want to finish the round with nine points if we failed? We wagered zero. Don’t hate. We don’t LIKE wagering zero, and to be fair, we don’t do it often. And we are not bad-ass enough of a team to get away with never, ever doing it. But we had to play the odds here, which will, of course, fail us yet again.
In 2015, Brand Finance announced that what toy company had replaced Ferrari as “the world’s most powerful brand.”?
And of course Mike knows this one right away, and we wagered zero. Game Winners Non-Athletico, Apollo 15 (held onto top spots).
Game Two
1. Concerts – The Beatles’ final performance took place at what California stadium in 1966? Geoff, a California native, started listing off names of California stadiums, to which Heather said “no” up until he listed one in San Francisco which has since been demolished. “I don’t know why, but that seems right.” Got it for 2 (fist bump). She would not have come up with that name on her own, but when she heard it, flame on! Oops, did we just give a hint at the answer? 🙂
2. Presidents – As of February, 2016, who are the most recent presidents from the same party to serve consecutively? An easy 10 points.
3. Economics – What 18th Century economist wrote “The Theory of Moral Sentiments,” and “An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations?” This was not the actual question, but has been resurrected via wikipedia, Geoff knew this for 9 points.
4. Cocktails – What cocktail shares its name with an apple variety and is made with gin, grenadine and egg white? Miss for 1.
5. Elements – Name two of the three periodic table elements containing the letter “K” in their English names. Name three for nerd bonus. Came up with two, and tried coming up with third. California boy Geoff hung head in shame when hearing the third one we missed, which refers to a California city, lol. Got this for 8.
6. Tennis – Which tennis Grand Slam tournament traditionally concludes in July? Heather and Geoff teamwork for 7.
7. ’80s Movies -In the 1982 film “Blade Runner,” what is the name for the genetically engineered organic robots? Six points.
8. Brand Names – What soap was touted for its ability to float in early advertisements? Considered the right one, but miss for 4.
9. Books – What novel by Alex Haley was subtitled, “The Saga of an American Family?” Five points.
10. TV Hosts – Who has hosted Sports Center, The Daily Show, and the Late, Late Show? Heather and Geoff teamwork again. Could they both be gunning for game two MVP? 🙂
Visual Mystery: Missed #3.
Heading into the final: We were settling our tab, so did not catch how many teams played or the bottom score. We were in third with 56 points behind One is the Loneliest Number, and What the Shibboleth, who both had near perfect games with 62 points.
Final Category: ’70s Movies
When the first Star Wars film was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture, it was up against three films whose titles refer directly to a female main character. Name any one of those three films. We wagered 20 and got this. And Heather knows a final question answer on her own (a true rarity). Alas, the two teams ahead of us got it, too, so no money for us this time. Until next time, which is TBD, we are still deciding whether we are playing our normal Tuesday Heidelberg game or not. Go Pods!

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