Trivia Recap – Feb. 15, 2016 (ABC Brewpub)

Love was in the air Sunday at Arbor Brewing Company’s downtown Ann Arbor brewpub. Either that, or the particular couple we saw go together into the single-seater restroom were just trying to be efficient! To each their own – perhaps nine-ish months from now, a baby conceived in public restroom will be born! Won’t be the first time THAT has happened! As for the game questions – trivia players – have you ever wished so hard for your guess on an answer to be correct that when you find out it’s not, you almost want to re-write the question to make your guess correct? Well, wish no more, because we are going to do just that! “What quarterback was a nine-time Pro Bowl winner, 1998 Walter Payton Man of the Year winner and NFL MVP in 1984? Read on to see what the actual question was, but as for our “dream” answer, he’s in the re-cap picture. We didn’t go high on our guess, but would have been so insanely happy to have gotten it right that everyone in the restaurant would have heard our revelry. Our main “duo” Heather and Mike visited Arbor Brewing Company in Ann Arbor Sunday for Sporcle Trivia Nights With Charlie. We got a second place prize in game two, 99 points and second place overall. We logged what was easily one of our worst game ones ever. Of all time. If we were errant gamblers in that Martin Scorsese movie “Casino,” we would have either found ourselves on the wrong end of a night stick wielded by a casino security officer – or have been shuffled blindfolded into a back room and had our hands (or heads) put in a vise. Maybe we didn’t screw up enough to get our deadbeat corpses dumped into one of many grave holes in the desert, but it was a pretty bad game. Really, really bad. If you’ve got the stomach for it, read on! We are still amazed we had the stomachs to stick around for game two, but looking back, we are glad we did.
Game One
1. Song Characters – According to the lyrics of “Space Oddity,” ground control is attempting to contact whom? Easy points for all, 10 points.
2. Books – What is the title of the final book by Dr. Seuss published before his death, containing the line “Will you succeed? Yes, you will indeed, 98 and 3/4 %.” Should have wagered higher on this, but “someone” didn’t think the other “someone” knew this one was well as she thought she did. We’ll leave out names to protect their identities, lol…got this for 5.
3. Marine Animals – what specific type of crab with a musical name has one claw that is slightly bigger than the other? Mike knows his crustaceans….got this for 9. Should Heather doubted him on the answer and insisted he went lower? Survey says??? Or do you all want to stay out of this one? 🙂
4. ’90s Films – In what 1997 Tim Allen film does he discover he has a 13-year-old son living in a South American tribe? Maybe the film was autobiographical and occurred during one of Allen’s cocaine benders, lol…miss for 2.
5. Baseball – In baseball, what letter of the alphabet signifies a strike? And Heather wrote down every single letter of the alphabet so we could attempt to narrow down our choices (seriously, she did). We still missed this for 1. Let’s get on the short bus and go home already (sigh).
6. Inventions – The first modern type of what common backyard apparatus was invented by two men who competed in gymnastics? We call foul on use of the word “common,” here…miss for 6. And thus begins our cursed game one.
7. TV Hosts – What former host of “Entertainment Tonight” also worked as a sportscaster on the show “NBA on NBC” and composed the show’s theme song. For nerd bonus, what was the name of the theme song? Got the points but not the bonus for 3.
8. Lakes – Lake Seminole is a reservoir built in the 1950s that sits on the border between what two states? Successully guessed correct between two possible answers, 4 points.
9. Instruments – What instrument does Rolf the dog play on the Muppet Show? Eight points.
10. Newspapers – What is the most widely circulated local newspaper in the state of Maryland? Had the year been 1900, our guess would have been correct, big miss for 7. Ugh, mood not very good at this point!
Mystery: Pi in the Sky (all correct answers must contain the letters pi)
1. Traditional Scottish instrument whose main parts include a chanter and drone.
2. American swimmer who won a gold medal in the 1972 Olympics
3. Part of an electric instrument that converts signals to vibrations that are then amplified
4. A 2013 animated film featuring Colin Farrell and Amanda Seyfried
Missed 3 and 4.
Heading into the final: Seven teams with scores ranging from 46 (yup, that would be us) and 63, with What the Shibboleth (playing with more than one player for a change!) posting the top score.
Final Category: Actors
In 2016, what actor passed Samuel L. Jackson as the highest grossing actor in U.S. box office history?
Wagered 20 and missed, though Heather doubted her answer and thought of the right guy after handing it in (so, so tragic). New team rule – do not hand in final question answers until the hosts demand them at gunpoint!
Final standings: Blue Moon Investigations, 78, What the Shibboleth, 79 (ah, a strategic wager….interesting!). We were in the toilet with 26 points going into game two. Speaking of toilet, hilarity ensued as we watched a couple go into a single-seater bathroom together. On Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately, they were not in there long! Still funny to see.
Game Two
1. Weddings – From 2000-2003 musician Damon Thomas was married to what media personality and socialite? Who’s Damon Thomas? Huh? Miss for 2.
2. Musicians – Who did Ringo Starr replace in the Beatles in 1962? Now we’re talking, 10 points.
3. Engines – Which part of the internal combustion engine consists of a short cylinder in a tube that moves up and down? Sounds sexy, what a great Valentine’s Day question, got it for 9.
4. Quarterbaccks – What seven-time Pro Bowl winner was also NFL MVP in 1992 and 1994? Hint: It was NOT Dan Marino, lol. Miss for 3.
5. Video Games – Audio clue of video game introduced in North America in 1987. Missed this, but considered the right one as one of our guesses, 4 points.
6. Russia – After Moscow, what is the most populous city in Russia? For nerd point, what was this city called for most of the 20th century? Heather nailed both of these.
7. Reality TV – Apple co-founder Stephen Wozniak appeared as a contestant in what reality TV series in 2009? Thank you FB for providing this essential clue! Eight points.
8. World Landmarks – London’s Trafalgar Square commemorates the naval victories of England over what two other countries? A bit of debating, but educated reasoning prevailed for 5.
9. Remedies – What hot mixed drink is named for the Irish physician who commonly prescribed it? Is there any other reason to drink brandy? OK, maybe in a “zombie” cocktail, lol…got this for 7.
10. Animated Films – In the 1998 Pixar film “A Bug’s Life,” an ant colony is oppressed by a gang of what type of insect? Mike stepped in for correct guess OUT OF THE ASS (he’d never even seen the movie). Four points.
Visual Mystery: Missed #3.
Heading into the final: Seven teams with scores ranging from 37 to 60, with Blue Moon Investigations taking the top spot. We were in second with 53 points.
Category: Elections
In 2014, a politician named Jason Carter lost an election for what political office that had been held by his grandfather 40 years earlier?
Heather knew this right away, which is sometimes a bad omen on final question guessing (vis-a-vis the game one guess). But in this case, our “gut” instinct was correct.
Game winners: Miskatonic U., 73; Blue Moon Investigations, 80. The ‘Pods will be taking tonight off from trivia, but will be “warming the bench” at Heidelberg on Tuesday, and attempting to summon a “team” on Wednesday for Sporcle Live Trivia with Kuma at Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery. Because we don’t want to miss a thing! Go ‘Pods!


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