Trivia Recap Jan. 27, 2016 – Heidelberg

And the Quixotic quest to get a final question correct continues! So far we are 0/8, getting none correct in our last four trivia outings. Will tonight be the night we get at least one of them correct? We shall see! As for Tuesday night, four ‘Pods visited The Heidelberg and finished with 102 points/first place for the night with very, very minimal competition, a $10 gift card for game two. With the $5 Labatt pitcher specials, that beer money goes a long, long way, and our tight-fisted team captain loves a bargain! ‘Pods in attendance this time were Heather, Mike, John, and Geoff. Special shout out to Geoff for coming through on those sports questions, one of which we were able to wager big points! Nice work! We love that you love the sports questions! πŸ™‚And the questions…which may be heavily abridged.
Game One
1. Autobiographies – Published in 2008, What actress wrote the autobiography “Wishful Drinking?” No clue, we put Amy Poehler for 1.
2. Keyboards – The ampersand shares keyboard space with what number? Someone wrote the correct one down right away, but we went with a different one. Oh well, this happens…miss for 6.
3. Movie Animals – The title character Mighty Joe Young was what kind of animal in both the 1949 original and the 1998 re-make? Got it for 5.
4. Statues – The Statue of Liberty is constructed from what metal? And we finally get to use our 10 point slip!
5. College Basketball – Orlando Magic point guard Shabazz Napier played on what university’s championship team in 2014? Nice work Geoff for 9.
6. Africa – The Cape of Good Hope lies off the coast of what African country? We were really hoping for something a bit harder, but whatevs… 8 points.
7. TV Hosts – What is the last name of Dr. Phil? For two nerd points, in what year did his show debut? Got both, and Heather nailed the year for the bonus. And she’s never even watched the show!
8. Human Body – What element makes up about 65 percent of the mass of the human body? Tried on this one but failed…miss for 4.
9. Video Game Characters – What color is Qbert from the 1982 video game? Mike steps in here for 2.
10. Presidents – Who was president between Grover Cleveland’s non-consecutive terms? Heather for the points.
Mystery: On This Day in History
1. 1998: While speaking at a press conference, President Bill Clinton denied having relations with what woman?
2. 2010: What country band released the grammy winning album “Need You Now?”
3. 2009 – Nadia Suleimon gave birth to how many kids?
4. 1979 – TV show starring John Schneider and Tom Wopat debuted (bet this was easy for a certain team playing the same night at the Bowery in Canton πŸ˜‰ )
Missed #2, we put Sugarland instead.
Heading into the final: Five teams with socres ranging from 29 to 63, with What the Shibboleth taking the top spot. We were in third with 55 points.
Category: Fortune 500 Companies
In June of 2015, Fortune released a list of the U.S. states home to the headquarters of the most Fortune 500 companies. NY, TX, and CA were the top 3, each being home to over 50 companies. Which U.S. state came in 4th as the home to 34 companies?
We wagered 10, and put down an eastern state that is home to a lot of credit card companies. Nope…
Final standings: What the Shibboleth, 47; I Pooped Today, 60 (moved up from fourth). Hey we pooped today, too! πŸ™‚ Everybody poops, like the book title says.
Game Two
1. Nicknames – What former MLB player was nicknamed “Charlie Hustle?” Geoff for 1 point. Should have wagered higher!
2. Common Household Items – What item, called “Lazybones,” was first released by Zenith in 1950? Got this for 3.
3. Shapes – What is the name for a triangle with three uneven lengths? Six points.
4. ’60s Movies – Audio clue from movie we never saw. Miss for 2.
5. Money – The U.S. Mint was first established in what city? Heather for 5 points.
6. Food – What six-letter Indian food is served in triangular shaped pastries filled with savory fillings? Got it for 10.
7. Lyrics – What two lyrics follow the Abba lyrics “Dancing queen…young and sweet?” Too easy for a team with a person who listened to way too much “Abba Gold” in college than was healthy, an easy 9 points for all!
8. Fourteen-letter words – What 14-letter word with seven instances of the letter “i” means the property of not being separated? And I know I probably botched this wording pretty severely… Upon hearing this category, we knew in this would be a “Mike” question…and indeed he did not fail us, got this for 8.
9. Historic Geography – On June 18, Napoleon was defeated in what battle? For three bonus points, in what modern day country did this happen? Anyone see a theme here? Is one of the Sporcle question writers also an Abba fan? Got this for the points and the bonus, Heather and Geoff teamed up on the bonus part, he recalled seeing a subway or train station named for the battlefield in that European country.
10. TV Episodes – On a controversial 2005 “South Park” episode, what celebrity is in the closet?” And for nerd point, which celebrity was offended by this? Missed the nerd portion.
Visual Mystery: Got them all.
Heading into the final: Destiny, 51; Voldemort, 53; I Pooped Today, 60; and Miskatonic U., 69. Sixty nine, dudes! Yeah, we needed those bonus points after game one’s mishaps.
Final Category: Young Actors
Considered in the early 2000s to be “one of Hollywood’s most bankable teens”, what Emmy-nominated young actor put his acting career on hold in 2008 to pursue auto racing as well as to play drums for the bands You Hang Up and Kingsfoil?
We wagered 12 points on this one and missed.
Final standings: Pods, 57; Destiny, 71 (got it and moved up from fourth). Three of us will be hitting up Stony Lake Brewing Co. in Saline tonight – place your bets on whether we will get at least one final question correct tonight! Go Pods!

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