Trivia Recap – Oct. 26, 2015 – Sporcle Finals

There were 85 (give or take…we keep seeing different numbers, so let’s say 80-ish) Michigan trivia teams in a giant banquet room at 59 West Banquet Center for the Sporcle Live League Championship Sunday. Some players wore team T-shirts, others wore whimsical hats – all were there with one goal: winning. Anyone reading this who was at the tournament, please feel free to message this page if their notes had information that our abbreviated notes may have missed. Thanks! We will edit the post accordingly. And on to the very, very abbreviated questions:
1. On-screen Moms – Actress Jane Wyatt, Winona Ryder, and Cynthia Blaise have all played the mother of what movie and TV character?
2. In December, 1955, James Blake called the police, leading to the arrest of what person?
3. NFL Teams – Among NFL franchises that have won the Super Bowl, which franchise has won the lowest percentage of Super Bowls in which it has played?
4. Recent TV (this question was really, really long, we did not write the whole thing down) – Name 1/2 African-American actors appearing on the first season of “Empire” who also won Academy Awards?
5. Country borders – What is the smallest (by area) sovereign nation that borders more than one country?
6. Companies – Sy Sperling founded what company in 1976, which originally catered only to men, but has recently expanded to include products for women?
7. Song Lyrics – In addition to Montgomery, name two other cities mentioned in the Lynyrd Skynyrd song “Sweet Home Alabama.”
8. Families – Charles, Albert, Otto, August, Henry, Alfred, and John, all from Baraboo, WI, went on to found what?
9. Current events – Name 4/5 of the states represented by the pool of Democratic presidential candidates.
10. Birthstones – The birthstone with the highest rating on the Mohs Scale represents which month?
Mystery Round – Before and After (did not write down one of these but it was about Dawson’s Creek)
1. Cinderella actress and artist who recorded “To Pimp a Butterfly.”
2. NHL mascot represented by Victor E. Green and 2004 comedy featuring Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson
3. Eighth most populous Texas city and artist who recorded “Come On Over.”
Questions we missed this round: #4 (Recent TV), #8 (Families – only two teams at the tournament got it right) and #1 in the mystery round.
And we cannot find the notes with the top halftime scores. Did we accidentally throw away the napkin they were written on? ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
1. TV Hosts – In 2015, following fallout with BBC, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May signed a deal with what web-based streaming service for their car-based series?
2. Name 3/4 DC Comics characters that have speaking roles in “The Lego Movie.”
3. Universities – According to UNESCO, on what continent would you find the oldest university in the world, per Guinness Book of World Records, to continuously award degrees?
4. Nobel Prizes – What is the name of the author of “Night,” published in 1960 who also received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1986?
5. Theme Songs – Name the song by Irene Cara from the early 1980s that was used as a TV theme song?
6. Games – Ten Pin Bowling descends from what game that shares its name with a multi-colored candy?
7. Rivers – What city shares its name with the longest river located entirely in California?
8. Elements – What is the name of element #38 on the Periodic Table that is often added to fireworks to create a deep red color?
9. Elections – Prior to Obama/Biden, what was the last pair of sitting U.S. Senators to be elected president and vice president in the same election:
10. NBA Players – Did not write down this whole question. It was something about a quadruple-double.
Mystery – Did not take good notes here, it was a variation on “Before and After.”
Questions we missed in game two: #1 (TV hosts), #3 (universities), #8 (elements, though we had it narrowed down to two, including the correct one) and #10, NBA players. We also missed two mystery round questions.
The top 10 teams heading into the final:
10. Umpires Strike Back/Erotic Friend Fiction, 93
8. Your Resume Sucks/Beer Me Five, 95
5. Cool People and Jeff, Barack Obama Zombie Hunter, and Curmudgeons, 97
4. Too Cool (???), 98
3. Wise Beyond Our Beers, 99
2. Clavins, 101
1. One is the Loneliest Number, 106.
We had 91 points heading into the final, just a shade out of the top 10. We were in the top 20 teams heading into the final for the previous league championships, so hey, we improved!
Final category: U.S. Geography/Population
Six U.S. states’ two most populous cities are 250 miles or more apart for a straight distance. Name three of those states.
Two out of three ain’t bad, right? ๐Ÿ™‚ Yeah, we had at least four correct answers written down, just picked the wrong one for #3. Meh…we wound up finishing in 12th place overall. No money, but so what? Sometimes the stars aren’t right, and sometimes your wagers are just too shitty! ๐Ÿ™‚
And the winners:
5. The Moops, 122
4. Teach Me How to Snuggie, 125 (way to move up!)
3. Bert Macklin: FBI, 127
2. (sorry did not catch this name), 130
1. The Clavins, 140. They played as a duo, well played!
Our team really put our heads together on the questions today, and our newest player Geoff really killed it! We will keep him. We just happened to wager really shitty on questions we missed. Yeah, that happens. Until next time, Go Pods!

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