Trivia Recap Aug. 13, 2015 – Corner Brewery


Madonna may have said “Don’t go for second best, baby.” That is not what we set out to do on trivia night Wednesday playing Sporcle Live Trivia with Kuma at Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery, but second place is exactly what we got. Two second place prizes in both games, and finished second overall for the night. Not bad considering our “lean and mean” four-person team was somewhat dwarfed by several larger teams. And we had a couple of rough television questions, including a final question in game two. (Whine). Why can’t Sporcle ask about TV stuff we actually know? (Sniffle). Go ahead and get out that world’s smallest violin and play it just for us 🙂 On a bright note, we did manage to get a reality TV question correct in game two. That’s just about enough spoilers, on to the questions!
1. TV Actresses – Actress Amy Brenneman starred in what CBS drama from 1999-2005? Nope, not on our radar. Lost our 1.
2. Cards- Which suit in standard deck of playing cards is sometimes referred to as the “suicide king?” FB clue.
3. Cover songs- Club Nouveau covered what song in 1987 that was originally recorded in 1972? For nerd bonus, who recorded the original song? Got the first part for big points thanks to our ’80s pop culture expert Heather, but missed the nerd bonus. We guessed Al Green instead.
4. Double Duty – Who directed and starred in the 2006 film “The Good Shepherd,” alongside Angelina Jolie and Matt Damon? Second “bam” answer in a row from Heather, who [SPOILER ALERT] was just one question away from a “hat trick.” Not counting nerd bonus points.
5. Museums – The oldest natural history museum in the United States is part of Drexel University in what city? Nice Brad.
6. Advertising Icons – Frank L. White, wearing a chef’s hat and coat, has served as the icon for what breakfast item since the early 20th century? And Heather completed her first hat trick.
7. Stadiums – Which MLB team plays their home games at the most recently opened home stadium? Nope, 2-point miss.
8. The Human Body – What is the largest single blood vessel in the human body? D’erp…
9. Landmarks – What Georgian rock formation includes carvings of Stonewall Jackson, Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis? We put down “Mount Redneck” as our guess. Miss for 3.
10. Disney Songs – What type of birds sing the song “When I See an Elephant Fly” in the movie “Dumbo? Yup, jive talking birds. Nothing racist to see here, kiddies!
Mystery: Audio clips of Elton John songs covered by other artists. We wound up getting just one of them right. It was a rough round…and sorry Mike we didn’t go with your guess on #1, all right? Now get over it 🙂
Heading into the final: Eleven teams with scores ranging from 20 to 60, with Ennui taking the top spot. We were in third with 54 points.
Final category: Olympic Cities
The Winter Olympic Games have twice been held in cities that are currently now, in 2015, the capital of their nations.
Name one of those two Winter Olympics host cities.
Heather and Brad teamed up on this one with success.
Final standings: Norfolk N Chance, 71, Straight Outta Arkham (aka Miskatonic U.), 74, and Ennui, 80.
Game Two
1. Bases – Formerly known as Andrew’s Field, Andrews Air Force Base is located in what U.S. state? Unfortunately our “Army Brat” was no help here, and our trusty pilot Joel was absent. Miss for 1.
2. Reality TV – What “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” actor won the 19th season of “Dancing With the Stars” in 2014? Heather could name exactly two actors from this show and she happened to pick the right one, yay!
3. Cars – What Ferrari sports car name translates into “red head” in Italian? Another “bam” answer from Heather.
4. Animals – A ferrier is a specialist who works primarily with .what kind of animals? John got us 9 points on this one.
5. Golfers – Within 1, how old was Michelle Wie when she became the youngest woman to play in a PGA event? For nerd bonus, get the year exactly Mike and Brad both knew this one, but not because they are sports buffs. Well, Brad is sort of a sports buff, but it had nothing to do with his knowing this answer. Such dirty old men, tsk tsk.
6. Biographical Films – In what 1987 film did Lou Diamond Phillips play a real-life rock ‘n roll star? Yup, another Heather question targeting her teen years.
7. Instruments – Which of the following instruments does not require the use of a reed? Oboe, bassoon, piccolo, or saxophone? One time at band camp….
8. Comics – What is the total number of people in the original “Justice League?” This should’ve been a gimme for a team as nerdy as ours, but alas, we missed the number by one. Darn Martian Manhunter anyway!
9. TV Jobs – The title character of what TV series worked for both the Department of External Services and the Phoenix Foundation? And with Heather’s correct guess this sealed her becoming our team’s MVP for the night. She literally pulled this one from…well, you get the idea. Funny “Simpsons” quote “Richard Dean Anderson’s going to be in my dreams tonight.”
10. Restaurants – After the United States, what country is home to the most McDonald’s restaurants? Guess we can’t get all the questions right about Asian people…miss for a whopping six. Ow. Somebody get me a Filet ‘O Fish with extra tartar sauce.
Mystery: them all, thanks to joint effort by war boys Mike and Brad.
Heading into the final: Eight teams with scores ranging from 36 to 57, with the Money Badgers taking the top spot. We were in third with 54 points playing under the pseudonym Straight Outta Dunwich.
Final category: TV Awards (groan). Is it possible to bet in the negative integers? Pretty please?
Since 2000, five actresses have won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series more than once. Name three of those five actresses.
Yeah, we know Madonna said to not go for second best. But this is definitely not our category, so we wagered zero.
Final standings: #3 (???), Miskatonic U., 54, and Ennui, 72. Congrats to them for getting that final question right and coming up from fifth place!

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