Trivia Recap Aug. 10, 2015 – ABC Brewpub (Ann Arbor)


Sunday obviously wasn’t our night to win gift cards playing Sporcle Trivia Nights With Charlie. Or to get both final questions correct, Or to not blow nine points on a question about, of all things, ballet. Who knew there was more than one more Russian ballet composer and not just “that one?” We did, however, walk away with a cool balloon-animal squid thing fashioned by trivia host Charlie himself, So there’s that for you…someone has a picture of said balloon squid on their cell phone.
And on to the questions, which may be abridged versions of the questions that were actually asked.
1. Companies – What company, founded in 1977 by Roy and Gaye Raymond was named for a British queen? And the night starts out with a “social,” with every team getting this one right.
2. Beer – What beer company produces the Hard Core cider and Twisted Tea brands? Miss, though the correct answer was considered – and crossed out.
3. Birth names – What is the stage name of Academy Award winning director Allen Stewart Konigsberg, born in 1935? And Heather comes through with correct guess for big points.
4. Composers – “The Rite of Spring” is a ballet by which Russian composer? Yeah, we picked the other “more popular” one. And burned our 9-point slip. Whatevs, right?
5. Shoes – The signature shoes of Christian Laboutin have soles of what color? And we made a correct guess for low points. Clearly we need more “Sex and the City” fanatics on our team for that essential designer shoe knowledge niche.
6. Chemistry (SCIENCE!) – In chemistry, a postive ion is called a cation. What is a negative ion called? And “Pathologist Mike” came through for big points.
7. Boxing – In Olympic men’s boxing, what weight class is between lightweight and flyweight? Hint: It’s not featherweight. And another correct guess for low.
8. Literature – What was was the setting of “All Quiet on the Western Front?” for nerd bonus, who wrote that book? There were multiple choices – Spanish American War, World War 2, World War 1, and War of 1812, Missed nerd bonus, got the question right.
9. TV themes – Audio of witchy TV show from the ’90s.
10. International cities – The city formally known as Bombay and also the most populous city in India is now known by what name?
Mystery – Before and After
1. Funny-sounding hometown of Larry Byrd and a Harrison Ford character.
2. Singer of “Hit the Road, Jack” and original host of CBS News Sunday Morning.
3. More common name of Princess Aurora from a 1959 Disney film and a film made 32 years later by Disney.
4. American rock band who recorded “Dream Police” in 1979 and common Halloween greeting.
We were so hung up on trying to come up with #1 that we didn’t put as much effort into #2, which one of our players realized they knew AFTER we handed in our answer slip. So only four points for us.
Heading into the final: Twelve teams battled it out, did not write down all of their names. Thanks to our nine-point f— up and choking in the mystery round, we were in seventh place with 52 points. One is the Loneliest Number took the top spot with 63 points.
There’s always a chance at salvation in the final question category, right? [SPOILER ALERT]. Not tonight…
Final category: Elections
In the Presidential election of the 20th Century in which the winner received the highest percentage of the popular vote, the losing Republican candidate won the electoral votes of just 6 states – 5 in the Deep South, and one in the Southwest. Name him.
After hearing the correct guy, that clue “southwest” should have been a clue.
And One is the Loneliest Number took game one. Unsure who took the second place spot.
Game Two
1. Austin Powers – What character is played by Robert Wagner in the “Austin Powers” series?
2. The Big 10 – what is the only private school in the Big Ten conference? And college football fanboy “Pathologist Mike” got a field goal here.
3. Famous Names – First name of real-life namesake of Captain Morgan spiced rum. Facebook clue.
4. Soundtracks – What song by Michael Sembello was on the soundtrack for the 1983 film “Flashdance?” Very funny scene in the movie “Hamlet 2” involving this song, vis a vis the photo we decided to use with this post.
5. Poetry – What U.S. City is being referred to in the Carl Sandberg poem with these lines: Player with Railroads and the Nation’s Freight Handler? And “Artist Mike” nails this one.
6. The Internet – What former SNL cast member co-founded the web site “Funny or Die?” Nope. Miss…
7. Politics – What 1823 U.S. foreign policy stated that attempts by Europe to colonize North or South America would be viewed as acts of aggression?
8. Insects – Fiddler, dung, and goliath are all types of what insect, comprising 25 percent of all known animal species?
9. Sitcoms – Within one, in what year did “Hogan’s Heroes,” “Green Acres” and “Get Smart” all originally air? Got it within one, but missed the nerd bonus for hitting it exactly.
10. Restaurants – What fast-food restaurant chain is named after the main character in “Treasure Island?” Duh…
Visual mystery round: Missed #4.
Heading into the final: Fourteen teams with scores ranging from 38 to 60, with our team and Jean Luc Picards Against Humanity tied for first. Yay, maybe we can get the final question right and maybe fight a tiebreaker question for first! [SPOILER ALERT]. Nope, not tonight. No trivia swag for you! Funny we just referenced “Seinfeld.” About that…
Final category: ’90s TV
Name two of the four highest rated programs on television for the 1994-95 season, as measured by Nielsen ratings.
Wow. An exceptionally hard question. Not “Name three of the top ten highest rated programs…” Yup, an epic ballbuster, though the question posted on the Sporcle web site cites three shows instead of the two we were asked to come up with. We managed to come up with one correct show (the same one we mentioned a few sentences ago), our other guess “Frasier” was not far off the mark and was in fact 15th on that list. Well played, Sporcle. Well played. Bed Bath and Beyonce and Balls Deep took second and first in game two.

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