Trivia Recap March 24, 2015 – Maiz Mexican Cantina


Not our best night of trivia in terms of wagering strategies, but still managed to finish in second for the night and are still hanging on to our first place spot at MAIZ Mexican Cantina via Sporcle Trivia Nights With Rachel Sue. For our efforts, we snagged one second place prize after a tiebreaker question – which to us, always makes that prize just a little bit sweeter! We know that this new “Pub Champioins League” should be played like a “long game,” and that we are nowhere near the finish line yet! Special thanks to unexpected help from Archie C. (who normally plays with the Corn Fritters Wednesdays at Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery).
On to the questions…
1. Commercials – In 2014, actor Rob Lowe began appearing as himself and as alternate versions of himself in commercials for what company? Torn between two here and chose the wrong one. Dropped our 5.
2. Stage Names – What is the stage name of Calvin Broadus, born in 1971?
3. SNL – Which SNL actor portrayed Mitt Romney in 2011 and 2012? No clue. Does anyone still watch this show? 🙂 Tina Fey was hilarious as Sarah Palin, but the show’s great moments seem to be becoming fewer and far between, imho.
4. Arcade Games – Within one, in what year was the original arcade version of Mario Brothers released? Computer boy John teamed up here with Archie, who remembered that game being released while he was in the Marines. Semper Fi!
5. ’90s movies – In what 1996 movie did actor and comedian Jay Mohr portray Bob Sugar? Teamwork again here – Archie didn’t remember the name, but remembered an iconic quote from said movie, which Heather recognized.
6. SCIENCE! – What term is used to describe animals that cannot regulate their own body temperature?
7. Golfers – In 1964, what golfer became the first player to win the Masters Tournament four times? A bit of deliberation, but Brad came up with the guy. Nice work!
8. Audio clue of early ’80s song which inspired us to change our team name for game one (more on that later).Nerd point for ID’ing both song and artist, which we did, culminating in our only nerd point of the night.
9. Islands – Djerba is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea that is not independent and does not belong to a European nation. What nation does it belong to – Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, or Tunisia? Whew, made right guess here.
10. Mythology – “Thursday” is derived from what branch of mythology?
Mystery – Identify the state based on the initials of the person described.
1. Running back that won the Heisman Trophy in 2009.
2. Canaidan-born actress who wrote and starred in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.”
3. Drummer for the Police
4. Actress who won two Emmy nominations for playing Jennifer on “WKRP in Cincinnati.”
Got them all, but not #1 right away. Thanks Archie for remembering that at the last second!
Heading into the final: Six teams with scores ranging from 43 to 65, with More Beer Less Pants leading the charge. We were in second with 62 points playing under the pseudonym “When You Get Caught Between Christopher Cross’ Moon and New York City You Ride Like the Wind.”
Final category – High-grossing movie roles
“Titanic is by far the highest-grossing movie featuring Kathy Bates. Name one of the next two highest-grossing films featuring Kathy Bates (unadjusted for inflation)? Nope. Wagered 20 and blew this one. Kudos to “Touch Me Where I Pee” for being the only team to come up with this answer and taking a first place prize, with More Beer Less Pants taking second.
Game 2
1. Title Characters – What actress plays the title character on the TV series “The Good Wife?” For nerd bonus point, what is her first name on that series? Nope, didn’t know either of these, though Brad at least remembered her first name (nice try, there buddy)!
2. U.S. Capitals – According to the 2010 Census, what U.S. capital city is the second most populous city after the city of Phoenix, AZ? Multiple choices – Indianapolis, Columbus, Austin, Sacramento? Nope. Trivia host Rachel described this question as a “doozy,” meaning no teams got it right. Miss for 4.
3. Presidents – Which U.S. president was in office when the Peace Corps was established?
4. Tennis – What Swiss female tennis star won three Grand Slams at the age of 16 in 1997? Archie was able to come up with her first name, but not her second name (nice try!). We put Monica Seles and dropped our 2.
5. Measurements – What unit of speed is equal to one nautical mile per hour?
6. ’60s Albums – The 1967 album “Piper at the Gates of Dawn” was the debut album of what rock band?” Archie was our star here…
7. Baseball movies – name one of the two baseball-centric movies released before 2000 in which actor James Earl Jones was credited? For nerd point, name both. We came up with the answer, but not the nerd point.
8. Companies – Founded in 1853, the Steinway company became most well known for creating what musical item?
9. TV debuts – Model Tyra Banks made her television debut on what 1990s TV series?
10. Dr. Seuss – According to Dr. Seuss, what character, who stood on the backs of others to “reach higher than the moon” was based upon Adolf Hitler? A bit of debate here, but got it.
Visual mystery round – Got them all.
Heading into the final – four teams with scores ranging from 52 to 61 with More Beer Less Pants leading teams for the second time that night. We were tied with Little Lebowski Urban Achievers in second with 56 points.
Final category – Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame
“What singer, inducted as a solo artist in the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame in 1994, was inducted as a member of the band “The Faces” in 2012?” This particular final category scared us, because we were expecting a question like: “Name three out of the four inductees into the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame who have the letter ‘q” in their names?” Alas, this turned out to be an easy question for us, but we wagered nothing. Still managed to take second place with 56 points after this tiebreaker question: “In what year was The Cat in the Hat” published? Our representative Heather put in a guess for 1956, the Little Lebowski Urban Achiever representative guessed 1965. Ours was closest to the correct year of 1957. Until next time, Go Pods!

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