Trivia Recap Aug. 6, 2013 – Wolverine State Brewing Company


Nicely competitive night of Sporcle Live – Detroit trivia Monday at Wolverine State Brewing Co. on Ann Arbor’s west side. Didn’t walk away with any prizes, just 113 league points. Amazing how your trivia strategy changes depending upon the venue. When you’re playing for gift card swag, you tend to wager conservatively on final questions (which can sometimes get you gift cards if you have enough points going into the final and enough teams get it wrong). But when prizes are not a goal, you bet a bit more ballsy! That was our strategy at Wolverine, where we bet 20 point on both final questions.
Speaking of questions, here are some questions from Monday (which may be edited for brevity):
1. Michael Jordan and Larry Bird played a game of “horse” in an old McDonlad’s commercial. What prize did they play for?
2. Noel Paul Stookey is best known as a member of what folk rock band?
3. What variation of Cap’n Crunch was released first – Crunch Berries or Peanut Butter Crunch (used our re-rack wisely on this one)?
4. In what U.S. state would you find a location fartheest from any coastline at 1,025 miles on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation? D’erp, put down the wrong Dakota on this one, glad we wagered low.
5. R. Lee Ermey was best known for his improvised role as Gunnery Sgt. Hartman in what film?
6. Within five, in what year did a devastating earthquake and subsequent fires take place in San Francisco? We nailed this one dead on…
7. What is the first name of the royal baby (son of Princess Kate and Prince William)?
8. What English actress played Daphne Moon on “Frasier” and now plays on the TV show “Hot in Cleveland?” Even the second clue didn’t help us recall her name…
9. What French artist painted a series called “Water Lilies?”
Round one mystery: Match the Jonah Hill character to the movie (pulled off two correct guesses):
1. Seth
2. Matthew the Waiter
3. Peter Brand
4. Aaron Green
FINAL QUESTION: What fast food chain became the first to discontinue kids’ meals and toys at U.S. restaurants in July, 2013 with this taking effect in July 2014 at 6,000 locations nationwide?
Round one game winners were “Are You Sure That Rash Isn’t Something More Serious” (2) and Misfits, (1).
And onto round 2:
1. What female recording artist launched her “Circus” tour in 2009?
2. What American electronics franchise got its start as the Tandy Corporation in Fort Worth Texas?
3. In 2002, Dr. Robert Ballard led an expedition where the wreckage of what boat commanded by JFK was discovered?
4. What car company released the sport-utility vehicle “Ridgeline” in 2006?
5. What was the greatest number of living U.S. presidents at any one time?
6. What current cable TV network, geared toward a male audience age 18-34, was launched in 1983 as TNN and re-branded in 2004?
7. What Asian peninsula is the largest in the wold by area at 1,250,000 miles?
8. What animal’s varieties include fairy, king and macaroni?
Tough round, we led the pack with 55 points (not including Jim’s musical bonus points, which don’t count toward the league). There was not a lot of cheering after some of these questions…In case anyone is curious, the “quickfire” question asked for a list of longest-running scripted TV shows to date. We misunderstood the question and started writing down non-scripted shows. D’oh!
GAME TWO FINAL: What 1994 comedy received an NC-17 rating strictly based on explicit language until the rating was changed to R for its commercial release? Our team must be completely desensitized to explicit language, because this particular movie didn’t offend us in the least… So talking excessively about BJs and porno movie titles is explicit? Who knew?
Game two winners were John Hamm’s (something or other, 2) and the Tanooki Suits, (1).
We’re not ruling out playing at Wolverine again, especially with the $2 bottles of Wolverine Premium Lager. Go Pods!

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