Trivia Recap Aug. 26, 2013 – World of Beer (Ann Arbor, MI)


Not our best haul in terms of points (107) playing Sporcle Live – Detroit trivia Sunday at the World of Beer – Ann Arbor. But if there had to be a first time this season to blow a big points question (8), we’re glad it didn’t happen on the highly competitive trivia night at the Corner Brewery on Wednesdays. Scores at Corner right now are tighter than a (fill in the blank with off-color phrase of choice). Phew! Walked away with a first place prize for game one and third place for game two and had a fairly decent ‘Pods turnout. Eleven total teams game one, seven for game two, one of whom decided to re-name themselves in our (dis)honor – “The Pods Suck.” Perhaps their name choice was prophetic considering we blew that eight-pointer. All yammering aside, here come da questions (paraphrased for brevity or because our note-taker did not write them down word for word in all cases):
1. What two animals are mingled to create the griffin (lots of Harry Potter fans in this heavy college crowd, all teams go this one correct)?
2. What is the name of the evil wizard on the “Smurfs?”
3. Of the world’s snakes with the most potent venom, 9//10 are native to what country?
4. Name one of two artists to have multiple #1 hits in 2013 (blew our 1 pointer here by answering Adele, who seems to be coming up in lots of Sporcle questions nowadays)?
5. What fast-food chain used “Dennis the Menace” in its marketing campaign from 1971 to 2001?
6. Which Constitutional amendment abolished slavery (off by one on this one should have re-racked)?
7. This 1947 play’s name was derived from a New Orleans train line, name the play.
8. What is the most populous city in the northern hemisphere (FB hint)?
9. This 1999 film, starring Claire Danes and Kate Beckinsale, shares its name with a Grateful Dead song (either had to reallly, really know this movie or know the most obscure Dead song ever, we drew a blank on both counts)?
10. What MLB team plays its home games at PetCo Field (thanks Dave for having visited this city recently and getting this one for us)?
MYSTERY, TV employers. ID the show based upon the fictional employers:
1. Planet Express
2. Slate Rock & Gravel Co.
3. FYI (wild guessed this one for two points)
4. KACL AM Radio
We were 4/4 on mystery round and had 60 points going into the final category, which for a nice change, was a strong one for us – state capitals. And the question:
“Which state capital derives its name from the Hebrew word “Shalom” and also has a landmark called the “peace plaza?”
Leading the pack before (and after) the final:
3. Fighting something or others, didn’t catch their name
2. Umpires Strike Back
1. Miskatonic University Fighting Cephalopods
Game two a bit more disastrous, with us blowing small points questions early and being left with the big pointers toward the end, netting us a mere 47 league points. But as this other team pointed out, that’s because we suck (though the “Pods Suck” team sucked worse than us in this game, ha ha):) On to the questions:
1. What comedic actor plays Tom Haverford on Parks and Recreation? Blank stares on this one, though a couple of us have actually attempted to watch that show….
2. Enrico Letta is the prime minister of what country?
3. Which planet was the first one to be discovered using a telescope?
4. Within three, when did the Rolling Stones last have a hit reaching #10 on the Billboard Hot 100? Used our re-rack to our benefit here…
5. Former U.S. Senator Trent Lott is from which southern state?
6. Audio clip featuring some whiny NFL player, got this one wrong….
7. What is the title of the first “Cheech and Chong” movie?
8. What French dish is traditionally made with olives, capers, olive oil and anchovies? Heather nailed this one (might be chick knowledge, lol…)
9. What military contractor, which built the Stealth Bomber, also invented the microwave (lost 8 points on this one, only two teams got the correct answer)?
10. James Bay forms part of what larger bay?
MYSTERY (visual, see pic):
We were in third going into the final, ironically just ahead of the “Pods Suck” team with 47 points. We bet zero on the category “HBO” (as well as most other teams in the bar, according to trivia host Kuma, one of our teammates said most college students don’t pay the extra charge for premium cable).
FINAL QUESTION: What HBO comedy ran for only two seasons between 2007-2009 despite critical acclaim and 10 emmy nominations, including outstanding comedy series?
Leading the pack in game two:
3. Miskatonic University Fighting Cephalopods (won a “free draft” card)
2. Either the fighting something-or-others or the Mathers (???) team, apologies for shitty notes here…
1. Umpires Strike Back (maybe he’s given up on the Bowery?)
Though it got a bit sultry, loud and poor sportsmanly in there, we will definitely be back to play at this venue, at least occasionally. One of our teammates works in a nearby lab (SCIENCE!), and a couple of others live in Ann Arbor. And we all like beer and REALLY like free beer, so future attendance here is a no-brainer. Go Pods!

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