All About Archie – Birthday Trivia!


OK, so here are the things “only Archie would know” at his birthday trivia night (the ‘Pods team captain came in a respectable third place among all attendants despite knowing not too much about MI football):
1. How many national championships has U of M Football won?
2. What does NECCO stand for (candy)?
3. What is the sixth book of the Old Testament?
4. Who was the U.S. president before Abraham Lincoln?
5. What is Cary Grant’s birth name?
6. What is the square root of 1,089?
7. Name the years U of M won football championships.
8. Spell the word where the word sounds like the sound. Starts with “o.”
9. What is Sting’s real name (The Police)?
10. What is the atomic weight of krypton?
11. Who was president in between Grover Cleveland’s non-consecutive terms?
12. In what year was Harley Davidson founded?
13. Name the two U of M coaches who boasted at least two national championships.
14. Who played Hopalong Cassidy?
15. Name the members of the Sex Pistols.
16. What were the first two nations to win a World Cup?
17. VISUAL (see above) name the artist and album name.
18. What is the street address of the Bunkers on “All in the Family?”
19. What year was U of M’s first football game?
20. Who were the three “B’s” of classical music?
21. Who recorded “Pilot of the Airwaves?”
22. Who won the first World Series?
23. What is the capital of Brazil?
24. Describe “Pi” as an improper fraction.
25. Name the first names of Crisler, Elliot and Schembechler (real first names).

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