First Cabin Adventure 2023 Is In the Books!

My husband and I like to occasionally rent cabins from Michigan’s Department of Natural Resources as a way to enjoy nature, engage in pyromaniacal behaviors when weather allows, get away from people and go off the grid for a couple of days. No wifi? No problem! It’s always fun to go a little old school when you don’t have Internet access, like using a radio with an antenna to find a radio station. We found one at the 93 range that played some music that fit our older tastes (classic rock). Old fogey music without auto tuning and lots of guitar!

Most recently, we rented a “camper cabin” at the Bruin Lake campground in Pinckney Recreation Area in Southeast Michigan. Camper cabins have two bedrooms, a living/dining room and electricity/heat. Small fridges and microwaves/coffee makers are usually included, too.

We rented ours a little cheaper because the campground wasn’t quite open yet. So we didn’t have easy access to water, and the modern restrooms weren’t open yet. A Porta potty was provided to us on our site. And we just hauled in our own water.

Here was the cabin we stayed in:

We were thankful to have a dry place to stay when the rains came a calling, which turned this little paved road into a muddy pool. We still managed to cram in plenty of outdoor time when there was a two minute or so break in rain (LOL), and we even got a fire going for about an hour or so on our second night! Here’s what the fire pit/picnic area looked like when it wasn’t raining:

We brought a couple of new toys on our trip, including a portable DVD player (which we used to watch movies) and a folding wagon, which allowed us to move our gear easily and quickly:

This thing is great! When you’re not using this to move camping gear, you can use it to haul gardening supplies or bulky Costco groceries! The weight capacity is about two fitty.

On our second night, we were regaled by owls having a hootathon (you had to be there). My husband was wildly entertained on a late night potty break!

I’m fairly easily entertained when it comes to nature. Just give me something pretty to look at!

Well, what are you waiting for? Go find a cabin to rent for a weekend! 😃

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