Is the Universe Trying To Suggest Trivia Question Topics?

I was driving to work a couple of days ago and my mind wandered, as it occasionally does. I started thinking: “What was the name for that vinyl roof feature that some older cars had?” As soon as the answer popped into my head – I SAW A CAR PULLED OVER IN A ROUNDABOUT THAT HAD THIS FEATURE!

As you can imagine, I kind of felt like Bill and Ted after that.

It gets even weirder! I was in a grocery store after work yesterday, and I heard a #1 hit song by an artist who had a string of two #1 hit songs on the Billboard Hot 100 charts in 1977, and one in 1978. So of COURSE I had to add a question about this singer to my list of the birthday trivia questions that I will post in 13 days! I’ll give you a hint about this artist – they managed to both burn out -AND fade away in classic rock star fashion. Why choose to either burn out or fade away like Neil Young sung about in “My My, Hey Hey” – when you can do both? This artist burned out from drug abuse – and eventually faded into obscurity – not long after adorning posters on teenagers’ walls when they were in their heyday (no I am not giving clues about gender).

So now y’all have three question hints about what I’ll be asking you about! Just to recap – know the names of lamp parts for common household lamps, know the name of the singer who had two #1s in 1977/one in 1978, and know your classic car features.

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