So My Trivia Game Count Is Off Slightly (Also Live Trivia Update)

My most recent e-mail from Sporcle says that we recently played our 746th game overall and our 254th virtual game overall. I thought my most recent game was my 744th game overall. Oh well! I just wanted to let you all know this in case you thought there might be any “missing” games that I haven’t recapped (which happens occasionally).

Our most recent game last Friday didn’t allow me to copy and paste questions from the virtual chat and I didn’t take notes. So the next recap I post will be very, very abbreviated. After we play virtually tonight, our next game will be another live game Thursday night, where I will plan to take notes. And if my internet connection doesn’t let me down, it shouldn’t take me more than 60 to 90 minutes to get it all typed up! It was very frustrating last time – when my internet connection flaked out mid-recap, I had to copy/paste the text into an e -mail message and copy that over into here! The things I do for my readers, right? Are you feeling the love in the room?

Now to get going with the most recent game recap!

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