Happy Holidales! 2022 Edition…

There are only a handful of things I truly enjoy about the “holidays.” One – string lights – two, traditional holiday songs (not pop songs recorded by Mariah Carey, Paul McCartney, The Carpenters, and ESPECIALLY not Sia – and especially not that horrible Eddie Money Ronnie Spector duet “Everybody Loves Christmas). Ugh, I just threw up a little in my mouth just thinking about Sia’s song “Puppies are Forever.” Which is far, far worse than anything by the Carpenters – I listened to their entire holiday album a few years ago to test my sanity – yay I passed!

Wait, what was I trying to do? Oh yeah, a list of things I LIKE about the holidays. Add to the list homemade cookies with frosting/sprinkles, irreverent holiday programming, like the Solar Opposites Christmas special (seriously go check that out), and…and…

HOLIDAY BEERS! One of my favorite go-to holiday beers over the past decade or so has been Great Lakes Brewing’s Christmas Ale. It tastes a bit like holiday cookies and packs a punch that will make you forget about that boss of yours who was singing along to Christmas songs while you were trying to restock men’s flannel shirts (oh the humanity)!

Now I have a new favorite! On a recent visit to the Total Wine store in Ann Arbor, MI, I picked up a six pack of a beer called “Fistmas.” I have kind of a dirty mind sometimes (ahem), so yeah…I was drawn to the name. But the description sealed the deal – ginger, orange peel, low IBUs, (read: not too bitter) fairly high ABV (higher alcohol) – yeah, I’ll kiss this one under the mistletoe!

Revolution Brewing in Chicago uses a fist as part of its logo, which is why they’re making this play on words.

It wasn’t easy getting just the right shots, but here goes (I hope you like my dollar store xmas village)!

Did any of you spot the Transformers toy in the second photo? Happy Holidales, everyone! I think I’ll have a Fistmas in just a bit before our virtual trivia game begins!

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