Our Fourth “Live” Trivia Game Since Before The Long, Long, Ago (AKA Before the Plague) – So How Did It Go?

Unless it’s your job to drink on the job, a person should not drink on the job.

Maybe that’s my German ancestry showing its head, but I firmly believe this! And because I have German ancestry, I like to enjoy some drinks as much as any other German person! But drinks have their time – and place – and that place is NOT on the trivia mic!

We finished second in the first game with a paltry $5 prize (hey any beer money is better than no beer money). A trivia host who talks excessively on the mic – ESPECIALLY when trivia questions are being answered – and especially if the host is heckling people in the bar – uh, no. I’ll admit I don’t like screaming children – or any children at all – in a bar, but calling them out on the mic? Not professional. I’ve probably watched way too many episodes of “Bar Rescue,” but even as the child-disliking person that I am – I still know you DO NOT chase families out of a bar. Even if I’m not sad to see them leave. You just don’t DO that!

I’ve joked that nearly every single “live” trivia game we’ve ventured out for since the plague began has ended in some kind of doom, and though we “mostly” had a good time tonight, well – it’s not totally untrue, either!

But hey. I didn’t tell another player to “Go Fuck Yourself.” Small victories?

I’ll have a recap posted of this game…soon! Though the questions will be SUPER abbreviated! Let’s hope the little bit of beer I spilled on my notes has dried enough for me to read them!

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