What’s With These New Writing Prompts? OK, I’ll Bite! Jeez… (Ahem) “Five Things I am Good At”

WordPress has recently begun giving bloggers writing prompts. Not kidding. The writing prompt du jour is “Name five things you’re good at.” Turns out I’m not really very inspired today anyway – the holidays are utterly exhausting for me, and what precious time I have to write these days – I just sit and stare at the laptop like a deer in the headlights. Maybe order something on Amazon, or shake my fist at my ever expanding work schedule. Is that something I’m good at? Maybe! But it wouldn’t make my top five!

Five Things I am Good at doing

  1. I can play music by ear on a variety of instruments. Below is me at age 16 goofing off on the family piano:

2. I’m good at packing sedan style cars to the gills for camping trips. See below:

3. I’m good at remembering things people say to me. Which is both a good – and bad thing. I have no image for this “ability.”

4. I’m good at remembering useless facts for trivia games. Sometimes! I have my bad moments!

5. I’m good at making something out of nothing. Hence this pointless blog!!!!

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