UPDATED) Trivia Recap – October 5, 2022 – Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery (AKA Corner Brewery)

The missing visual round has been added…special thanks to a trivia host on my FB friends list

I know what you trivia loving folks are thinking. Did we finally venture out for a “live” trivia game after playing almost exclusively virtually for about 2.5 years now? Well, yes, but no…

We didn’t sign up to play, we merely “audited” the game from an adjacent table, since we were too late to actually sign in for the game. I crudely (that’s the key word here) typed up the questions and sent them as an email to myself on my tablet. PLEASE NOTE THAT THEY ARE EXTREMELY ABBREVIATED, WERE NOT COPIED DOWN WORD FOR WORD AND CERTAIN QUALIFIERS IN THE QUESTIONS PRESENTED TO PLAYERS IN THE GAME WILL NOT BE IN MY VERY, VERY ABBREVIATED QUESTION SET.

Also, I do not know if I have the final questions in the correct order – and I do not have info for the visual mystery round (the URL was not given out to the players, which is strange, because hosts have done this in the past). Maybe it’s how this host wants to discourage cheaters? I have no idea…

Good, are we clear? You nitpickers out there understand this? LOL…

Here were the “questions” we heard in the game – and saw on the big screen:

1 The mother of Achilles dipped him into what  river as a baby? I was talked out of my correct guess, which is OK, since we were not really playing!

2 Musicals – Audio clue of the song “Age of Aquarius,” had to ID the musical in which you hear it. An Aquarius girl – and daughter of a hippie – ain’t gonna miss this!

3 Text speak for finding  something hilarious   – also name of group  with two #1 hits in the early 2010s Miss.

4 What is the title of the second highest  ranking  official  of the senate  after vice president?

Mystery Round  One

M1 – To make change and place where bride and groom can stand

M2 – Period before afternoon and period  when loved one dies

M3 – Big hay bundle and cost of breaking  out of jail

M4 To take something  and alloy of iron and carbon

We knew all of these.

Round Two

Sure, some of you might know the next answer because you know the Greek alphabet – but it’s also OK if you know it because of this movie!

5 Which letter of the Greek alphabet is upside down v in capital form?

6 Name one of three films in which actress Charlize Theron was nominated for the Academy Award for best actress – two for a bonus point. We knew two of these, but not all three.

7 Lox is the fillet of what animal?

8 What athlete described himself as the “Boldest, prettiest,  superior,  most scientific,  most skillfulest fighter  in the ring today?” I think he forgot to include the qualifiers “most egotistical.” And really – who else would this person be?

Mystery Round Two –

We missed 2 and 4.

Round Two –

9 What  sunglass  brand included the Aviator and Wayfarer lines? Any 80s child’s gonna know this…

10 Since 2001, Dana White has served as the president of what organization based in Las Vegas? Nope, no idea.

11 Along with guitarist Rodney Sheppard, what singer has been a member of Sugar Ray since 1986? Another miss.

12 What Alan Ginsberg poem opens with this line –

I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked, dragging themselves through the negro streets at dawn looking for an angry fix? This quote may be more wordy than the one given to players, because I reverse engineered the question using the Google.

Did not know this one, either. Rough round.

Mystery Round Three – Twisted Titles

Identify the following film titles based on descriptions with one letter changed. I did not get all of these typed up, so I will be reverse engineering every one based on the answers (hey who says I don’t do any actual work doing these recaps anymore)? I will include release years of the movies just to make things a bit easier for y’all.

M1 – In what 1994 film does Cameron Diaz fall in love with an eccentric billionaire whom is obsessed with technology?

M2 – In what 2001 film does Cameron Diaz get into a car accident with and play the ex-lover of a vain magazine publisher who has a love of music by bands such as the Specials and Reel Big Fish?

M3 – In what 1998 film does Cameron Diaz have multiple men proclaim affection for her in a town in Northwest Indiana?

M4 – In what 2011 film does Cameron Diaz pose as an educator of children in the subjects including pet rocks, fidget spinners, virtual pets and yo-yos – among other pop culture phenomena?

Final Question One –

Name three of the five top-selling minivan models in the United States. Please note – I only have the answers for this so this question was totally re-engineered! The question was about top selling minivans, which is all I know! We got at least a couple of these right, one of which because of us having recently started watching the Netflix series “Ozark.” Who says watching TV can’t help you on trivia nights?

Round Three –

13 Shirley Chisholm was the first black woman elected to Congress in what state? She served from 1969 to 1981. Miss.

14 What alliteratively named cleaning product was created by entrepreneur Joy Mangano, who made frequent appearances selling the product on the QVC shopping channel:

Nerd bonus, what actress played her in a 2015 film?

Strangely, we knew the bonus answer, but not the main question answer. Hey one point, right? Well, no – since we weren’t “really” playing!

15 A sign stating “Sorry, we’re closed” was featured in the final episode of what series that stopped airing new episodes in 1993?

16  What river forms the border between Iowa and Nebraska?

Mystery Four – Quickfire

Other than the United States, name four of the five countries winning gold in the 2022 Beijing winter Olympics.

Unsure if we got more than 1-2 of these correct.

Final – Borders

Name three of the four countries sharing a land border with China totaling more than 1,000 miles in length – longer than the border with Kazakhstan?

We got this one correct.

So what does all of this mean? Are we getting closer to actually venturing out to mix it up with locals and play in actual bar trivia games? Hard to say yes, or no. Possibly? It seems every time we talk about – or even venture out to play live games – something disastrous happens. Hell, even our signing up to play in one of the “cash tour” tournament spots wound up disastrous – because the bar we wanted to play in kept postponing the dates until we could no longer commit to play (argh)! All I can say is “We’ll see – we’ll see!” Didn’t you absolutely hate when your parents would give this as an answer when you were kids?

As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Brett Favre (yes does tie into one of the questions)!

One thought on “UPDATED) Trivia Recap – October 5, 2022 – Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery (AKA Corner Brewery)

  1. 1 Styx

    2 Hair

    3 lmfao

    4 President pro tem

    mystery one answers alter altar morning  mourning  bale bail steel steal

    5 lambda

    6 monster north  country bombshell  

    7 salmon

    8 muhammad ali

    9 ray ban

    10 Ultimate fighting championship

    11 mark mcgrath

    12 Howl

    Mystery Three

    The Musk, Vanilla Ska, There’s Something About Gary, Fad Teacher

    final one answers – Siena pacifica odyssey kia carnival grand caravan  

    13 ny

    14 miracle mop/jennifer lawrence

    15 cheers

    16 missouri

    mystery four

    germany china sweden netherlands

    final two answer – mongolia russia india myanmar

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