Trivia Update (September 18, 2022)

So I managed to assemble a “team” to play in a live in-person trivia game last week, which would have been the first time we’ve ventured out for “live” trivia since November 2021. And after that game, I had to take a COVID test because one of the other players told me later that he’d been exposed and had tested positive for COVID. The whole testing thing itself was not nearly as annoying as the scorn I was subjected to by my family, some of whom were visiting for Thanksgiving weekend. So I had to worry that I’d somehow spread this awful thing to my niece, whom is a NCAA athlete, and has to test fairly regularly. Not to mention me working in what is arguably the busiest weekend of the year in my business! And to top it all off, I had to have a chat with a “contact tracer.” To her credit, she was very nice, and this was probably the strangest conversation I’ve ever had, with me saying “no” at least a dozen times consecutively.

For inquiring minds, I had recently received a COVID booster shot before all of this nonsense happened.

Thankfully, the test was negative. But the whole situation made us even more hesitant about going out for live trivia games again for a while. Though as our blog followers know, we do play the virtual games maybe three times a week or so!

Fast forward to September 12, 2022, and I received an e-mail that morning stating that the game I’d planned to play was postponed. Well, I found out some more information later – after my husband and I received our COVID booster shots and we made a quick stop at the bar where this game was to take place for happy hour drinks. The manager told us that they decided to postpone the game because not enough teams had signed on.

So we shall see if the game on the postponement date (October 24) actually occurs! We are RSVPd to play this game. I even requested that day off from work!

We are still talking about going out for live trivia games again, even if sporadically. I have my eye on a spot we used to play before the world blew itself up with COVID 😉

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