Batman, Halloween Stores and Rings of Power – Oh My! And Much Needed Time Off!

I’ve loved Batman since the 1989 feature film came out. And lately, my obsession continues! Read on to find out more about this fascinating development in my life (LOL)!

My life has been a little crazy lately. I mean – more so than usual! My hours have picked up at work, my days off are getting fewer and farther between, and as of late, I am completely obsessed with the 1992 animated series called “Batman the Animated Series.” I have fallen completely in love with this series – the “noir” sensibilities, the music, the over-the-top villains and heroes, Alfred the ultimate “straight man” (I do not mean in a sexual way), the gadgets…I love it all!

What would Bruce Wayne do without Alfred?

While it was on the air while I was in college and remember seeing it on, I never watched it with any regularity back then. Now that we have HBO Max and can watch all of the episodes over three seasons I keep thinking…

“Man, I wish I’d watched this whole series before seeing all of the Batman movies made in the past 30 years (except that nipple suit one which I will never, ever watch) and the Harley Quinn series.” I would probably understand the villains a bit better – though I will never understand why they made an entire film with Bane as a villain (I digress). The Harley Quinn series turns him into a joke (and rightfully so).

If Warner Brothers animators had an unlimited budget, I would love to see a Batman blooper reel! All of the times when his grappling hook fails to hook onto its target, fails to spring out, and oops, where oh where did he leave his utility belt? In the bathroom? Can they get the rights to Benny Hill’s music for the background?

A good trivia question to ask about Batman is which was released earlier – the animated series that I just mentioned – or the feature film Batman Returns? I was surprised by the answer (which I’ll put in the comments because this blog caters to curious folks who like to uncover answers on their own).

I’ve also started watching “Rings of Power,” on Amazon Prime. I am watching every episode at least twice. And boy am I glad I can watch it with my husband, whom is practically a J.R.R. Tolkien scholar. I don’t know what I’d do without him explaining some of the finer points to me!

A great quote from him while we watched the opening episode:

Do we get to see Galadriel as a little girl? She’s 10,000 years old by the time we see her in the movies!

Spoilers, yes, you get to see Galadriel as a little girl! And (sigh) don’t we all wish we’d look as good at 50 as she does at 10,000 years? No wonder the humans were resentful of the elves. That is actually an important plot point, but I’m not going to say much more than that! I’m not really sure how I feel about the Harfoot story lines (Harfoots are one of three types of hobbits). I think it’s kind of too “Fern Gully” for me, personally. I hope they have a point with these annoying folks and plan to make it!

Because of my husband, I know what’s going to happen to the people of Numenor (and no I’m not telling you guys). But it’s a very, very important plot point! It will pave the way for Aragorn to become King of Gondor, among other important events.

So what else is going on with me right now? Well today, I’m excited to learn that the Spirit of Halloween store is FINALLY open in the mall in which I work! No, they don’t offer discounts to mall employees (I wish), but I’m excited to check it out!

Also, the movie Star Trek: First Contact is showing in a local cinema today! I can’t wait to go – it’s easily one of my favorite films from the series.

Gotta appreciate the days off when you can get them! And next week, I have three of them off in a row (woot)!

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