Trivia Recap – Game # 696 – Virtual Sporcle “Pub Quiz” Format

We may have known a lot about animals named for the places in which they live, mate, eat and kill, but weren’t quite so knowledgeable about musicians whom are popular in the social medias – as we proved in a recent virtual trivia game. By wagering zero on the final we only managed to move down one spot – from third to fourth.

Here were our questions:

Round One

1 Discoveries – What celestial body was discovered by Clyde Tombaugh in 1930?

2 Band Members – McCready are three of the four founding members of what band that was formed in 1990?
NERD POINT: What is the title of this band’s debut studio album?

3 Abbreviations – In internet lingo, the abbreviation NSFW stands for what? Miss.

4 Directors – Who directed the films Selma and A Wrinkle in Time, as well as the documentary 13th? Miss, never heard of this person. And I am suspicious of the one team that managed to get this (cheat much)?

Mystery One – Visual
We got all of these correct.
Round Two

5 Hall of Famers – Marián Hossa, Jarome Iginla, and Kim St-Pierre were among players inducted into the hall of fame of what sport in 2020? Strangely, we made the right guess. Must’ve sounded French enough.

6 Countries – Which of the following countries was NOT once part of Yugoslavia—Montenegro, Slovenia, North Macedonia, or Moldova? Mike the hero here.

7 Animals – The diet of a koala mainly consists of the leaves from what type of tree? There are those rare carnivorous Koalas, too. As I’ve said before, EVERYTHING in Australia wants to kill you! You can’t even trust Wombats! Even those cute little blue ringed octopuses (which I’ve already blogged about).

8 What company is credited with helping popularize the image of Santa Claus in red robes with its advertising in the 1930s? Mike came up with right guess here.

Mystery Two – Ro-Sham-Bo

The answer to each clue is a word that ends in either “ro,” “sham,” or “bo.”

M1. Last name of the novelist of legal thrillers including The Firm and The Pelican Brief, among others

M2. 1961 film directed by Akira Kurosawa with a title that translates to English as “Bodyguard”

M3. Herb also known as coriander or Chinese parsley

M4. Word from Spanish for a pier, wharf, or landing place, especially on a river or inland waterway

We were in third going into the final with 48 points.

Final Category – Social Media Musicians

We wagered zero on this.

As of June 2022, among the ten Instagram accounts with at least 250 million followers, three of them are musicians with at least one #1 hit on the Billboard Hot 100. Name one of those three musicians, each of whom has more Instagram followers than Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift.

Moved down to fourth after the final.

As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, all of you Welsh Corgis who have to put up with the Queen and the royal family!

One thought on “Trivia Recap – Game # 696 – Virtual Sporcle “Pub Quiz” Format

  1. round one
    pluto, pearl jam/ten, not safe for work, ava duvernay
    round two
    hockey, moldova, eucalyptus/human (lol), macy’s
    mystery one
    tasmanian devil, maine coon, welsh corgi, japanese macaques
    mystery two
    john grisham, yojimbo, cilantro, embarcadero
    final billie eyelash, selena gomez, ariana taco grande, beyonce

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