Trivia Recap – Game # 692 – June 29, 2022 – Virtual Sporcle “Pub Quiz” Format

It turns out we don’t know much about songs by the singer Sia, unless they’re holiday songs. Every year from November to December, I hear holiday songs played over the PA system at work, and her songs are particularly cringeworthy to me. You know how people have a “type” when it comes to things they love? Well, her songs ain’t my “type!”

In addition to missing a question about this awful singer (apologies to fans), we also missed questions about Olympians and a person named Joy we have never heard of.

Here were our game questions:

Round One

1 TV People Jane Pauley from 1976-1989, Bryant Gumbel from 1982-1997, and Katie Couric from 1991-2006 have all served as anchors on what NBC morning show?

2 Cereal What Post breakfast cereal, which was introduced in the 1940s, is similar to the Kellogg’s cereal Honey Smacks? Our host accepted both the American version and Canadian version as answers, for some reason my American husband knew the Canadian name, so we got it.

Weird Al doing a parody of a character asked about in the next question..

3 1980s Movies The 1982 film First Blood is the first in a series that most prominently features what character played by Sylvester Stallone?

4 Pride History Three years before the Stonewall riots in New York, a similar incident took place at Compton’s Cafeteria in what city, in response to police harassment of drag queens and trans women?

Mystery One –

We missed #2, we put in Helene Joy as our guess since we could literally think of no one else (she plays Dr. Julia Ogden on “Murdoch Mysteries).

Round Two

5 Superheroes What is the primary superpower of the heroine also known by the alter ego Sue Richards?

6 Folk Heroes What folk hero is depicted holding a hammer in a statue near the town of Talcott, West Virginia, and the Big Bend Tunnel?

7 Olympians Carli Lloyd and Sydney Leroux are among athletes who won a gold medal for the United States at the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in what sport? We put in dwarf tossing, seriously we can’t be fucked to know things about the Olympics…ugh. That’s what Brad was for!

8 Same Name What type of light fixture is also the title of a Grammy-nominated song by Sia?

Mystery Round Two – Landmarks

We got all of these correct.

NERD POINT: What 2016 single is Sia’s most recent top ten hit on the Billboard Hot 100?

Speaking of subjects we can’t be fucked to know things about! Miss and miss.

Final Fictional Characters
Tootles, Slightly, Nibs, and Curly are some of the characters known collectively by what name?

They first appeared in a play in 1904, in a book in 1911, and in many subsequent movies and TV shows, both animated and live action.

Got this, did nothing to change our position, stayed in fifth.

As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Jane Pauley – it sucks that they fired you from the Today show because you were too old (I am old enough to remember that news story).

One thought on “Trivia Recap – Game # 692 – June 29, 2022 – Virtual Sporcle “Pub Quiz” Format

  1. round one
    today, golden crisp/sugar crisp, rambo, san francisco
    round two
    invisibility, john henry, soccer, chandelier/cheap thrills
    mystery one
    ode to joy, anya taylor joy, joy of painting, almond joy
    mystery two
    australia, venezuela, saudi arabia, india
    final lost boys

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