Trivia Recap – Game # 677 – May 19, 2022 – Virtual Sporcle “Pub Quiz” Format

We’re not accustomed to any “huge” victories in our virtual trivial pursuits lately – and that’s OK! Though we used to be a fairly competitive team back when we actually had people that we would meet with in bars and answer questions about sports, music, movies and stuff – lately we’ve taken a more relaxed attitude about it. And “relaxed” doesn’t just apply to the clothing we get to wear to virtual games!

Still, moving up from ninth place to fifth place in a game is still kinda cool! Which is what we did in a recent game where we had a final question about “bad movies.” We were like, “Yeah, we know about bad movies!”

What movies do YOU think of when you think about bad movies? There are a handful I immediately think of – the one where Laurence Olivier rips his shirt and says “I have no son” to Neil Diamond – the one where Faye Dunaway shrieks about wire hangers – and the one where Adam Sandler played two characters of different genders (that one I didn’t see). You just KNEW that movie was going to be awful from the trailers, didn’t you?

Speaking of bad movies, we were the only team to know the whole name of Jim Varney’s signature movie/TV commercials character! Hey, like I said, we celebrate even the tiniest of trivia victories these days!

The importance of being Ernest. My favorite of his movies is Ernest Goes to Jail. I think had he not died, he would have been the voice of “Mater” in the Cars movie franchise.

Let’s get back to that game and its questions:

1 Catchphrases – According to his popular catchphrase, what cartoon character is “smarter than the average bear?” Wasn’t he created with the same template as Fred Flintstone? Oh those shortcuts Hanna-Barbera animators took with their animation!

2 Candy – In addition to Original, what brand of candy has come in Wild Berry, Sour, Tropical, and Orchards varieties? We were confused by this question and didn’t think “flavor variety,” but just “flavor,” so we incorrectly guessed Altoids. Miss.

3 2010s Movies  –  In what 2014 film are the actions of the characters revealed to be controlled by a boy named Finn, who is playing with his father’s collection?

4 Actresses – Actress Uzo Aduba has won Emmy Awards in both comedy and drama genres for her role as Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren on what TV series?

We actually got six points out of this mystery round! I know – a sports round? The next mystery round will not go as well for us 😦

5 Audio clue of Jim Varney’s primary character…

6 Fish – What is the eight-letter term for the fins found on either side of a fish, which correspond to the forelimbs found in other animals?

7 Rappers – Name one of the two singles by rapper Tone Lōc that reached the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the late 1980s. I love it when they ask about rappers we actually know about! Which isn’t often!

NERD POINT: Name both.
8 Names – Giovanni is the Italian equivalent of what English name? Miss (we felt a bit dumb here).

Terrible mystery round for us…only got #2 correct (though we thought our guesses on #s 1 and 4 were pretty darn good – a close but no cigar thing).

We were in ninth going into the final with 41 points.

Final Category – Bad Movies

Oh yeah, we’re going for this! All the marbles!

Name one of the five most recent films to win the Golden Raspberry (Razzie) Award for Worst Picture (2017-2021). Those films feature T.J. Miller, Will Ferrell, Francesca Hayward, Mike Lindell, and Erin Davie, respectively.

Moved to fifth after the final.

As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Vern!

One thought on “Trivia Recap – Game # 677 – May 19, 2022 – Virtual Sporcle “Pub Quiz” Format

  1. round one
    yogi bear, skittles, the lego movie, orange is the new black
    round two
    ernest p worrell, pectoral, funky cold medina/wild thing, john
    mystery one
    washington commanders, cowboys, broncos, 49ers
    mlk jr, mohandas ghandi, malala yasufazi, madeleine albright
    The Emoji Movie
    Holmes & Watson
    Absolute Proof
    Diana the Musical

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