A “Real Live” Trivia Game Tonight? Really?

The stars are looking to be aligned for me and my trivia pardner to hit up a live trivia scene tonight!

Inquiring minds might want to know where. I’m only giving hints – it is a trivia spot we’ve played before, but not since before The Plague hit. It’s not in the town in which we live and…

That is all I’m saying!

It’s going to be quite an adjustment having to put on “outside world clothes” to play a trivia game after more than two years of being virtual (oh the humanity).

As of now, we have no plans to be a fully competitive trivia team for the forseeable future. Though I will not rule out sitting in as a “hired gun” with another trivia team at a tournament if asked. We’ve come to enjoy the casual approach to trivia games – playing when we want to, and not when a “league” says we play.

I mean, if I can bother to get dressed and have nothing better to do!

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