If True Crime TV Shows Had a Rock ‘n Roll Soundtrack

I just recently finished watching yet another true crime TV series, in this case, “Secrets of the Morgue.” Ever since I was a young girl who enjoyed watching the TV series “Quincy,” I’ve been a fan of all things crime, murder, death and all of its associated drama and mayhem. So it’s no “secret” that I would really enjoy the Investigation Discovery true crime series “Secrets of the Morgue.”

“Secrets of the Morgue” is about murder cases presented from pathologists’/medical examiners’ point of view.

But something strange happened while watching the season 1 (only one season so far) episode 24 called “Severed Ties.” The episode chronicles the brutal murder of North Carolina woman Laura Ackerson, who met with her ex to exchange children in a routine custody arrangement – only to never be seen alive again.

DO NOT CONTINUE READING if descriptions of grisly murders including dismemberment disturbs you.

Police would later recover her remains, which were mostly just…bones. Her murderers tried very creative ways to get rid of her body – including using muriatic acid, a reciprocating saw and an unceremonious dump into an alligator-filled swamp. Ultimately surveillance footage from a Home Depot store proved to be their undoing – even though to their credit – they did a fantastic job of cleaning the bathroom (where investigators believe Ackerman’s dismemberment occurred).

While I was watching the episode, the Alice in Chains song “Them Bones” decided to wander into my head. Granted, me having songs randomly invade my brain is not an unusual occurrence. But it got me thinking:

What other rock ‘n roll songs would make a good “soundtrack” for true crime TV viewing?

Rock ‘n Roll Songs Good for True Crime TV Shows

  • “Them Bones,” Alice in Chains – would work for any case involving skeletal human remains.
  • “I Fought the Law,” The Clash. Self explanatory, but courtroom scenes involving defendants getting prison sentences would be ideal here.
  • “Girls, Girls, Girls,” Motley Crue. If a murder has any seedy elements such as exotic dance clubs/strip clubs, this song has no substitute…
  • “Where Did You Sleep Last Night,” Nirvana. Ideal for murders involving elements of infidelity.
  • “Money, Money, Money,” ABBA. Does the murder involve a gold-digging person (especially a woman)? Yup, this song works!
  • “Used to Love Her,” Guns ‘n Roses. Yes, this song was controversial in its day (though not quite as controversial as “One in a Million”), but the lyrics speak for themselves – “I used to love her…but I had to kill her.”
  • “Goodbye Earl,” The Chicks. The song chronicles a woman who kills her abusive husband. Way too many murder cases fit this description.
  • “Eye in the Sky,” The Alan Parsons Project. When a criminal gets nabbed because of stupid things they do on surveillance cameras, aka “eyes in the sky.”
  • “Take the Money and Run,” The Steve Miller Band. For murder cases involving robbery, embezzlement or insurance fraud.
  • “The City Sleeps,” MC 900 Foot Jesus is THE song to use when showing any episodes involving arson.
  • “Don’t Take Me Alive,” Steely Dan. Regardless of the case being profiled, there is absolutely no wrong place in a TV show for the mellow blues rock stylings of Steely Dan.
  • “Delilah,” Tom Jones. Perfect for any crimes of passion.
  • “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap,” AC/DC. Especially good for crimes involving murder-for-hire.
  • “Anotherloverholenyohead,” Prince. Use for cases involving love triangles that turn deadly.

If I worked in a police department and were in charge of a team of detectives? I’d tell them to “Follow the money, follow the drugs, follow the envy, and follow the semen.”

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