Working On “Birthday Trivia Questions” – 2022 Edition

Hey all. this all started as an “annual thing” in 2016. Me putting together trivia questions about people, places, things, words and everything else that interests…me! Sometimes I throw in questions “about” me, but those are actually few and far between!

The better you know me – and the topics that interest me – the better you’ll do on the questions! As some of you already know, I don’t pull punches – and some of the questions may be very, very difficult – though there may be some multiple choice questions for those who like to have a 25 percent chance of getting them correct (hey don’t say I never did anything nice for y’all)!

Some of my favorite topics that I always ask about include profane movie quotes, movies, TV shows I like, non profane movie quotes, and…Roxy Music. For some strange reason, a question about the new wave band Roxy Music almost always ends up among the questions. I’m not even that huge of a fan – maybe I just secretly want people to say or think “Roxy Music” when they read the question?

I do try to be diverse – I will throw in question in a grab bag of topics – geography, sports (yes I almost always throw in at least one sportsball question) and there will probably be something about The Simpsons.

Kind of sums up how I feel about award shows…And who knows – maybe I’ll even ask about who this character is!

I hate Emmy Awards and Grammy Awards, and who the f— cares about Tony Awards and Golden Globe Awards (LOL). I do love Oscars, though -so Academy Award questions will be fair game!

I haven’t lost interest in trivia just because I’m taking a break from playing the virtual games. Anything else would be – uncivilized!

Damn, now I’ll have to look up where that quote originated! šŸ™‚

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