Did The Universe Give Me a Heads-Up About the Neil Young/Spotify Story?

A few days ago, I was watching “Adventure Time.” And my ears pricked up when I learned that Finn had to recite the words “A Man Needs a Maid” three times.

“Hey, that’s a Neil Young song,” I said. “I wonder if (Adventure Time creator) Pendleton Ward is a Neil Young fan.”

Does a man need a maid? Well, maybe some of them do! But why limit it to men? I could use one, too!

Fast forward to…a couple of days ago – I learned that Neil Young said to Spotify, “You can have my music – or you can have Joe Rogan’s podcast.” Yes I’m paraphrasing.

I’m going on the record as being a Neil Young fan – but I will never, ever listen to Joe Rogan’s podcast. Why? If I wanted to listen to someone talk, I’d make sure to be in my workplace breakroom when a Chatty Cathy is in there. Ugh, no thanks, I’d rather get elective surgery without anesthesia. I guess podcasts aren’t my thing – and Joe Rogan’s viewpoints would NOT make them a draw!

Am I keeping Spotify as my streaming service? Well yes, for now. Despite missing out on Joe Rogan’s and everyone else’s podcasts on there, I still enjoy it for the music and the personalization options. When I want to listen to Neil Young, I’ll queue him up from my personal music files.

Apparently Neil Young’s decision to remove his songs from Spotify has caused a dip in the stock market. Sadly, it probably won’t hurt Spotify’s bottom line. After all, he’s not Drake, Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift or Kendrick Lamar. I wonder how Eminem feels about all of this? How will this all shake out? Money talks – and Joe Rogan’s podcast apparently brings in the advertising moulah.

Maybe not instantly “canceling” Spotify won’t make me very popular in the social medias. And not listening to podcasts doesn’t make me very attractive to advertisers. But when I feel like listening to “Cinnamon Girl,” “Old Man,” or “Down by the River,” well, I can play those songs for free!

Can you believe he’s still married to Daryl Hannah?

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