Trivia Recap – Game # 623 – January 5, 2022 – Virtual Stump! Game

We managed a nice comeback in a virtual trivia game Wednesday – finishing in second place – after having been close to the bottom going into the final question!

Here were the questions:

This is what I thought about after the next answer was revealed…

1) Cookies – What currently available variety of Oreo cookie was first introduced in 1974, although unlike its name suggests, it does not quite have twice the filling?

2) Art – Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol are among the artists associated with what modern movement that originated in the mid-20th century?

3) Borders – The Strait of Juan de Fuca marks a portion of the international border between what two Western Hemisphere countries? The name is very misleading, miss.

4) Plants – Urushiol is a liquid compound of the sap of what plant that shares its common name with a DC Comics character whose alter ego is a botanist with a PhD?

Mystery Round 1 (Tribute to Betty White)
Answer the questions about the life and career of television icon Betty White, who passed away at the age of 99 last week.

M1) Betty was the first woman to produce a TV sitcom, doing so for a series that aired from 1953-1955 in which she played a character with what nine-letter first name?

M2) Betty won her first Primetime Emmy Award in 1975 for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for her role on what TV series?

M3) What is the first name of the character played by Betty on The Golden Girls?

M4) In a recent interview, Betty joked that what actor and co-star in a 2009 film “can’t get over his thing for me?”

Missed #2, we put in a guess of “Maude,” even though we knew that two different future Golden Girls could have been in this series!

Round Two

1) Super Bowl – Name one of the two NFL teams that lost the Super Bowl in consecutive years prior to the Buffalo Bills losing four in a row from 1991-1994.

NERD POINT: Name both.

We got one correct team on a guess – but couldn’t come up with a second one.

2) Books – What word completes the title of a 1963 book by Betty Friedan, which is credited with helping to spark a movement?

3) Audio – Not recreating this question, but it was about the band Outkast (sorry I’m lazy).

4) Directors – Who directed the films Play Misty for Me, Unforgiven, and Space Cowboys, all of which he also stars in? Softball…

Mystery Round (This Day in History)
Answer the questions about events that took place on this day in history (1/5).

M1) On this day in 1933, construction began on what bridge, which opened more than four years later with a total length of nearly 9,000 feet?

M2) On this day in 1531, Pope Clement VII (7th) sent a letter to what person, forbidding him to remarry under penalty of excommunication?

M3) On this day in 1980, what single by The Sugarhill Gang became the first hip hop single to reach the top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100?

M4) What is the current name of the country that officially became known as Democratic Kampuchea on this day in 1976? The current name, which had been used from 1953-1970, was re-adopted in May 1989.

Missed #2.

We were second from last going into the final with 43 points.

Final Category: Western U.S. Cities
Final Q:
Name three of the five most populous U.S. cities in the Mountain time zone that are NOT located in Arizona or Colorado.

We came up with one very easily right away, took a bit to come up with the other two. I resolved a debate involving a certain city’s time zone that a dear friend of mine happens to live in – by saying, “No, her city is in Pacific Time, because she’s three hours behind us.” It’s those little things! Also, when I said, “What’s that one populous city in (blank) state that I can never remember?

Mike remembered, so we had that city and one other one in addition to the one we came up with right away. Would we get it (nailbiter)!

YES, we got it right! And moved to second (hey we’ll take that)!

Special thanks to Columbus, OH-based host Abbey for hosting! As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Mary Tyler Moore!

One thought on “Trivia Recap – Game # 623 – January 5, 2022 – Virtual Stump! Game

  1. round one
    double stuf, pop art, canada and us, poison ivy
    round two
    broncos/vikings, feminine, outkast, clint eastwood
    mystery 1
    elizabeth, mary tyler moore, rose, ryan reynolds
    mystery two
    golden gate, henry 8, rapper’s delight, cambodia
    final – salt lake city, boise, albuquerque, el paso, west valley city UT

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