Almost To the Holidays Finish Line! Also – Is “Live” Trivia In My Plans?

This holiday season has been pretty exhausting for me so far, so I’m glad it’s coming to a close. I have the next three days off, and next week, I have five consecutive days off!

And boy do I need it.

Selfie in my basement, which I’ve attempted to “decorate” for the holidays.

My husband and I were talking recently, and it seems that he misses some of the “real” competition we had on our trivia nights. So I’m going to tentatively plan a trivia night for Wednesday next week – with just the two of us – at a place we haven’t played since 2019. Weather permitting, as it’s a bit of a drive to get to the place!

Sure, we might bail on playing last minute just like we have countless times before. But I have the day off – and four days after that – so it’s looking very, very possible. Though not etched in stone.

We’re also looking at doing a winter cabin trip in the next couple of months! A cabin we’re looking at is rentable by the State of Michigan Department of Natural Resources – and it has an INDOOR BATHROOM AND SHOWER! Such an amenity will seem luxurious to us – especially on a winter trip! As fun as it is to make yellow snow (LOL), it’s even more fun to not have to go outside when nature calls! There is also a kitchen sink to use, so I won’t need to haul in my own containers of water.

We’ll also have two separate bedrooms, solitude, an outdoor fire pit, a lake view, electricity, heat, and a fridge/microwave/coffee maker for our use.

In the next few days, relaxation will be in order! Husband is making fondue on Christmas Eve, I’ll be visiting my parents on Christmas, and hopefully I’ll be able to go out and see a public light display in the coming week.

That’s about all I have to say for now. Happy holidays, blah blah blah!

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