The Loneliest Gnome – Will No One Give Him a Home?

I work in “Retailville,” and took this photo of the very last gnome we have for sale. They have been selling faster than a Playboy magazine with Margot Robbie doing a Harley Quinn inspired nude pictorial! Would that be a big seller (asking for a friend)! We got in dozens and dozens of these damn things in all sizes and styles. I opened box after box and said to myself, “Huh, I guess gnomes are trending this holiday season – either that or we’re going to have to mark a lot of these down after the holidays.” Who decided gnomes would be a thing? Why was I not allowed at this roundtable meeting? I’ll be checking on this little guy later to see if anyone has bothered to buy him! If not, then maybe, just maybe (NO I AM NOT BUYING A DAMN GNOME)! 🙂 Though I may commission my husband to do some gnome art for a blog if I ever get around to writing it.

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