Getting COVID Test Monday

I don’t think I’m infected and am still not showing symptoms after five days. But since I’ve been potentially exposed to COVID 19 from a close contact at a recent in person pub trivia night, I will get a test tomorrow. There is a drive through location near where I work where testing is free if you are insured and don’t mind waiting 48 hours or more for results (if you need faster results it’s $120). I’m not paying for that, I can wait!

It’s been an even more harrowing ordeal than you can imagine. So much judgment for one goddamn night in a bar while vaccinated with another vaccinated person (though he is immune compromised). These things can really tear a family apart. My NCAA athete niece is freaking the fuck out over this. Her whole college scholarship rides on her being a sporty healthy gal. COVID could really derail everything for her. I sure don’t want that on my conscience. Which is why I’m getting tested.

No more indoor trivia nights until further notice (damn did I read that memo loud and clear)! At least not with other people!

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