Trivia Recap – (Game #601) November 20, 2021 – Virtual/Streaming

Here were the questions from a virtual trivia game November 20:

Round One

1) Cities – Marseille and Lyon are two of the three most populous cities in which European country?

2) MLB Teams – Name either of the teams that won multiple World Series in the decade of the 1990s (1990-1999). Name both for a bonus point. Named one (yes really)!

3) Technology – Within two, in what year did a recording of waltzes by Chopin become the first commercially available compact disc? We missed the “within two” window by one (d’oh)!

4) Comic Strips – Scott Adams created what comic strip in 1989, which is set in a white-collar office and features the title character working alongside Alice and Wally under the management of the Pointy-haired Boss?

Mystery One – Food Origins

Name the country where each group of foods originated.

M1. Lamian, wonton, char siu, and mooncake

M2. Baati, bonda, sambar, and chaat

M3. Pastitsio, yemista, fakes, and fasolada

M4. Pinchitos, chicharrón, empanada, and gachas

#1 was the only one we got correct.

Round Two

1) Psychology – The condition in which hostages develop a psychological bond with their captors during captivity is named after what world capital city, where the term was coined following a bank robbery in 1973?

2) Entertainment – What entertainment company, known for its shows that feature acrobatic performances inspired by street performers was founded in 1984 by Guy Laliberté and Gille Ste-Croix?

3) Hit Songs – Everybody Talks” and “Animal” are the highest charting Billboard Hot 100 by what band?)

4) Sports Movies – What 1992 film features Emilio Estevez as the coach of a youth league hockey team?

Mystery 2

Among the following list of seven brand-name household items, choose the four that are currently owned by Procter & Gamble. Teams will receive two points for each correct answer.

Head & Shoulders
Mr. Clean

Got two of these correct.

Unsure what place we were in going into the final.

Final Category – 90s Music

In the 1990s, seven artists had at least four #1 hits on the Billboard Hot 100, including Mariah Carey, who led the way with 14. Name two of the other six artists who had at least four #1 hits in the decade.

We managed to get this correct and moved to third place. Hell yeah!
As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Mr. Clean!

One thought on “Trivia Recap – (Game #601) November 20, 2021 – Virtual/Streaming

  1. round one
    france, new york yankees/blue jays, 1982, dilbert
    round two
    stockholm, cirque du soleil, hit songs, sports movies

    mystery one
    china, india, greece, spain
    mystery 2
    febreze, head and shoulders, mr clean, scope

    janet jackson, madonna, boyz 3 men, whitney houston, celine dion, tlc

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