Game #603 Will Be a “Live” Trivia Game! Yes, Really…

What’s happening? A LIVE trivia game the night before Thanksgiving!

I’m getting ready to do recaps of games # 600 from November 18 and #601 from November 20. Both of those were virtual trivia games.

We’ve only done two “live” trivia games since the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March, 2020. The first of those games was an outdoor Sporcle Live game in Plymouth, MI, the the second of those games was a My Trivia Live game in July, 2021 at a bar in Ypsilanti, MI.

This game will be at a bar very familiar to us – a bar very close to home where me and the “team” played regularly beginning in 2012. We’ll only have three players this time – (possibly five, though that’s not likely).

It’s been a long, long road to gain the confidence to go back out for a live trivia game indoors. The place we’re playing still spaces out tables so the trivia room is not too cramped (only about 9-10 teams can fit in the trivia area), and their attention to cleanliness/sanitation is pretty damn good (makes my inner germophobe happy). I don’t expect we’ll play too many live games in 2021- certainly not make them regular occurrences.

I wasn’t even confident enough with “live” trivia to try putting together my own trivia team for a tournament we qualified for back in 2020. Instead, a team of players I know very well will be playing in our place. I don’t know for sure who they all will be – the player I was in contact with said he wasn’t sure who his “fourth” would be. I know who I want that fourth player to be, but the decision is not up to me. Sometimes trivia teams just, well – complete each other. When you play enough games with another person – or persons – you become a pretty damn well oiled machine. You know each other’s “tells.” When my husband has a vague clue of a correct answer, chances are I’ll know how to wrangle it out of his brain (and vice versa). Or it could be a case of having opposing knowledge areas between two players resulting in sweet, sweet correct answers and brilliant teamwork. I could start rattling off names of football quarterbacks (trust me I don’t know that many names of quarterbacks), and bam another player could very well say “Yes, that’s it!” I remember when I said, “Russell Wilson is a quarterback, isn’t he?” Another player on my team more knowledgeable in “sportsball” just kind of rolled his eyes at me incredulously (yes, Russell Wilson WAS the correct answer).

I really wish the best for the group of players whom will be playing in our stead. I may even try popping my head into the bar they will have to do their semifinal game when the game is almost over just to see who advanced. Will I be too shy to actually talk to them? Most likely (baby steps)! Curiosity – more than just a Mars rover!

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