Trivia Recap – October 20, 2021

If I didn’t know better, I’d say that Wednesday’s Stump! trivia game had my husband’s knowledge wheelhouse written all over it! I joked that he could have rocked that game playing solo, with me only helping out on a couple of the questions (especially the final question). But really – a visual mystery round about comic characters – and a mystery round about planets? Was it his birthday and some content writer crafted a round of questions just for him? Awww, shucks, thanks Mister – or Missus, or Ms!

We wound up moving up from fourth to third by getting the final question correct about “movie pairs.” Yes, I’d be lying if I said my mind never went to a filthy place when thinking of “movie pairs!” Without further ado, the questions (one game only, we played virtually):

Round One

1) U.S. States – What East Coast U.S. state, the smallest by area, is nicknamed the Ocean State? Easy way to start things.

2) Websites – Launched in 2003, what free online dating service is often abbreviated by its users as POF? No clue. two people whom have been married for nearly 25 years don’t know much about dating sites!

3) Same Name – What 1965 R&B song by Fontella Bass that was a top 10 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 shares its name with a TV series that starred Denis Leary as a firefighter? Mike remembered his dad having a cassette tape with this song and other oldies, so he started singing it (that was really cute)!

4) More Same Name – What name has been among the 100 most popular names for baby girls in the U.S. since 1993 and is also the original capital city of the state of Georgia?

NERD POINT: In addition to this answer and Atlanta, name any other city that has served as the capital of the state of Georgia.

We got the main part right, but our guess of Macon was not correct for the former state capital nerd point. Miss.

Mystery One – Visual

We got all of these correct.

Round Two

1) Commercials – This was an audio question, so look at this picture to see if you can ID the company that used this sexy mascot in 2004 advertisements with a jaunty song:

Who was the old guy a mascot for in 2004?

2) Quarterbacks – Who was the starting quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens in their Super Bowl XXXV (35) victory over the New York Giants, and later served as an NFL analyst for ESPN until 2017? NOPE!

3) Music Words – What seven-letter term that starts with “C” is defined as a “rhythmic flow or sequence of sounds?” And then I channeled my band nerd and tried imitating sounds drum lines made in band. Badly.

4) 2010s Films – 2010s Films Ben Affleck portrayed former CIA officer Tony Mendez in what 2012 film? Mike needed my help for this one and the one before this. But this next mystery round (SPOILER) will be all him!

Mystery Two – Solar System

Answer the following questions about the solar system.

M1. Which of the four planets farthest from the Sun is the smallest by diameter?

M2. The asteroid belt lies between which two planets?

M3. The dwarf planet Pluto is sometimes considered to be in a binary system with which of its moons, which has a diameter that is approximately half of that of Pluto itself?

M4. The Huygens spacecraft was the first to land on a moon other than Earth’s moon when, in 2005, it landed on Titan, which orbits which planet?

Final Category – Movie Pairs

Jude Law and Gwyneth Paltrow have been credited together in three theatrically released films. Name two of those three films.

We came up with their earliest movie rather quickly, but had to think a bit for the second one. Had no idea on the one that was released most recently.

We’ll be back at the virtual trivia thing tonight. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, you Six Flags guy with glasses! There I gave you guys the answer (reward for reading until the end)!

One thought on “Trivia Recap – October 20, 2021

  1. round one
    Rhode Island, plenty of fish, rescue me, savannah/augusta/louisville/milledgeville,
    round two
    six flags, trent dilfer, cadence, argo

    mystery one
    cyborg, sailor moon, kingpin, donatello

    mystery two –
    neptuen, mars/jupiter, charon, saturn

    final – the talented mr. ripley, sky captain and the world of tomorrow, contagion

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