Damn! I Should Have Played a Real “Pub” Trivia Game Tuesday Night…

We signed on for a virtual trivia game Tuesday night and got the final correct about…famous crimes! Too bad there wasn’t a game two, since we would have gotten that final correct too! I’m in the midst of working on the recap of that game, but in the meantime, here are both of those questions:


The FBI’s website includes a list of 24 major cases, including several kidnapping cases. Three of these kidnappings took place in 1932, 1963, and 1974. Give the last names of two of the three people who were kidnapped in these major cases.

Commentary? This is totally a “me” category. I love lurid crimes. I was all over this…


From 1974-2013, one of the lead vocalists and guitarists of the Jacksonville-based band 38 Special was a musician with what last name? Two of his brothers have also spent time as the lead singers of a different band.

Yes, I would have been all over this too because of the tragic tie in (which I won’t reveal here).

I’ll put those answers in the comments! And “try” to get that recap done before we play another virtual game in a half hour! 🙂

One thought on “Damn! I Should Have Played a Real “Pub” Trivia Game Tuesday Night…

  1. game one answers: Lindbergh, Sinatra, Hearst

    game two answer: Van Sant (not to be confused with that film director who did that one River Phoenix movie). Or was it a movie with his brother? Or both? Hmmmm….

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