Finally…A Break! And Adieu To This Work Week (Ugh)!

I’m just starting to wind down after a crazy week at work. I’m in flannel jammie pants and a comfy shirt with vampire teeth on it (hey it’s Halloween season, I say…). I found a ’70s easy listening playlist on Spotify, and I’m doing some laundry (how exciting, right – I need to wash my work clothes to be ready for next week).

I work in Retailville, which doesn’t get the same attention as the medical field – or fast food/food service. But I’m telling ya – we are working our ASSES off! But enough about me… I recently heard a story from a friend who talked about recently visiting a friend of his whom is a physician. I don’t envy him right now – he spent an entire afternoon…writing death certificates for deceased COVID patients. It’s a sobering reality. Yes, some of my work days lately have been pushing me past my limits, but I’m not dealing with death. I can’t even imagine what this is doing to the psyches of people whom are working in this thankless field.

But this is a depressing way to begin a blog, isn’t it? I’m sorry about that! This month, though…I cannot WAIT for it to be over. Me and the others in my store have all been unable to take any time off during September, because of back-to-school business – and inventory. I was a bit of a squeaky wheel to a couple of my bosses at work today – I gave my direct supervisor a bit of an earful about how frustrated I’ve been lately at work, and also told the “big boss” – in no short order – what would need to happen for me to be able to do my f—ing job. This might not make me the most popular person at work, but f— that. I’m not going to tell anyone I’m fine – if I’m not.

I will be doing a one-night visit with my parents-in-law this weekend. They have a lovely rural spot on the Muskegon River, and three (I think?) adorable cats.

The “old gang” reunion! I’ve known both of these guys (in front) for more than 20 years…

As for this past week, the work part of it might have sucked, but seeing some old friends on Wednesday – definitely did NOT suck! Our friends Sam and Dave both came out to a local watering hole and we exchanged stories over yummy beers.

What else? Oh yes, I do have a trivia recap to do! I think I can squeeze that in before it’s time to put my laundry in the washer! Honestly, I think I’m turning into my dad with my escaping into the basement to listen to music. He put speakers in the basement of my childhood home for the express purpose of being able to listen to his “jams,” especially the ones that my mom hated. One of those songs was “Baker Street” by Gerry Rafferty, which I just listened to via Spotify. Yup, I’m turning into my dad! I have a stereo receiver down here with a couple of small Infinity wired speakers with my laptop connected to it via a nifty Radio Shack adapter.

Better get going with that recap, because soon…it will be “Drink ‘O Clock!” TGIF…

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