Going To The Movies Today!

My husband and I are going to a movie theater to see a movie today – for the first time since the “long, long ago,” “the before times,” you get the idea (especially if you’re a Mad Max fan)! But for the rest of you, this just means it’s the first time we’ve been to the movies since before the plague hit.

Gotta hand it to Margot Robbie’s dialogue coach! You’d never guess she’s an Aussie when she’s playing Harley Quinn! But…I guess certain male or others whom are into females are more likely paying attention to OTHER things!

So what are we seeing? Suicide Squad! It’s been in theaters long enough that crowds should be non existent…or very light. We’ve both been feeling pretty cooped up, and since we planned to do an out of town trip this weekend that we wound up canceling, we wanted to get out and do SOMETHING!

Hopefully I like this movie as well as the animated Harley Quinn series…

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